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What Are The Particular Triggers To Watch Out For When You Play The Rummy Game?

Author: Classic Rummy
by Classic Rummy
Posted: Nov 12, 2013

Did you ever wish that you had important insights into the game of rummy like some others seem to have and this could put you ahead of the game? Actually there are important cues and triggers in the online game of rummy that would put you in a better position. Since rummy is a game that is based on skills, one of the most important skills that you can acquire with a little preparation and thought is the skill to judge the game.

Here are triggers that will cue you about the state of the rummy game:

  1. Speed and pace of the game:

  2. When a classic rummy game starts online we all know that we have a certain amount of time that we have to make a move. But suddenly you will notice that one person on the game table shows a lot of enthusiasm and speed in picking up cards and tossing them down. This could be a cue that that particular player is holding a good hand of cards and he/she is eager to get the remaining one or two cards that are needed to complete the game. In case this person is placed much before your turn, you can pick this cue to drop from the game especially if your cards happen to be really bad. This way you will incur only the points that come with the drop and not risk the total points

  3. Picking of open cards:

  4. The open cards that get picked and even the ones that are tossed will have an impact on the game. Apart from managing and overseeing your own cards, you need to keep an eye out for the cards that are being picked and discarded. This way you really can get a handle on the game of other players. Sometimes watching the patterns of this will also cue you in on the possibility or probability of getting the cards that you want and need. It will also help you pick up on clues that indicate that people may be colluding to cheat.

  5. Taking more time in the middle of the game:

  6. If you are in the middle of a really fast paced game and suddenly one particular player is taking a lot of time right in the middle of a game, the chances are more that the person is preparing to declare a winning hand. In case they do not do so in the current round, you can be sure that they will do so very soon. This trigger should be enough for you to get rid of as many deadwood cards are possible.

  7. Chatting cues:

  8. On most online rummy sites you will find that there is also a chat option and though this is not directly connected to the game, this can give you some indications about the game. As you observe people chatting you will see that some people tend to chat a lot while some do not. You can conclude that either a player has very good cards or very bad cards by the way the chat and the other cues.


When you play rummy, whether online or offline, you will see that there are plenty of triggers to tell you how the game is taking shape. With some observation, some smart interpretation and some analytical thinking you will soon develop a good intuition about how the game is going to shape up.

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