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Classic Rummy


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13 Weird Things That You Should Know About Rummy Card Games

How well do you know your favorite game of 13 cards rummy? Sure, you know the rules of the game and the way different variants are played, but do you know the weird details and the idiosyncrasies that...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Dec 26, 2013
A Risk Versus Return Analysis About Rummy Games!

It is practice in our private as well as business world to analyze things before coming to any conclusion. We may not really sit down and do a formal analysis about the risks and returns for many...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Feb 10, 2014
Interesting Faqs About Online Cash Rummy Games!

When you start something new then it is obvious that you will have questions about it. Rummy games are one such thing that raises many questions in our head when we join to play it online. Once we are...

Articles > Hobbies > Video Games Mar 13, 2014
Judge a Rummy Game Site by Its Support, Offers and More – Find out How

If you are a rummy card game enthusiast like a lot of people, then you may be interested in sourcing a site that will meet all your online rummy needs. Yes, rummy is a game and you need not be overly...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Nov 21, 2013
Learn What You Need to Refrain from While Playing Rummy Online!

Today playing 13 cards rummy game as and when the mood strikes you is no longer something that you have to work hard towards. You can play as and when you want as long as internet connectivity and a...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Nov 14, 2013
Some Rummy Card Game Talk Made Easy

When it comes to games that we like to play there are certain terms that are used and this become part of the lingo of the game. While knowing the lingo is strictly speaking really necessary to play...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Dec 15, 2013
13 Points to Ponder Before You Play Online Rummy Games

Are you all set to take part in the colorful world of online rummy games? It is a good thing to do for sure, rummy is a great game of skill and it has been declared legal to play the game for cash in...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jan 16, 2014
In What Aspects Do Online Rummy Games Score?

Online rummy today is so popular that it knows no bounds. People of all ages, people from both the genders, people from the most diverse walks of life are all finding a common ground in online rummy...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jan 24, 2014
Indian Rummy – an Intriguing Balance of Simplicity and Challenges!

Rummy games, today are everywhere and one has to wonder what is the appeal. No doubt, rummy is a fun game but there are other games that are as much if not more fun. What is more rummy games as we...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jan 25, 2014
Learn All About 21 Cards Rummy!

In recent times you may have noticed that apart from 13 cards rummy and its variants, there has been a new addition in the rummy games realm and this goes by the name of 21 cards rummy. We all are...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jul 01, 2014
No Guilt but with Lots of Fun is the Way to Define 13 Cards Rummy

When it comes to doing anything remotely related to fun, there is a kernel of guilt that enters it. This is because anything fun or pleasurable is usually an activity that is related to wrong side of...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Dec 02, 2013
Rummy Card Games Do Not Fully Depend on the Fickle Finger of Fate!

Isn't it nice to know that some things in life do not depend on the vagaries of chance but rather are more to do with you in terms of skill, timing, preference and choice? Well, you may ask what we...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jan 04, 2014
Rummy Games Wait for No One or for Any Particular Time!

They say time and tide waits for no man and this is taken as a dire warning, but when taken in the online rummy context it means a whole lot of fun. Why? It is simple by not waiting for any one person...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Jan 03, 2014
Some Facts About Rummy Game Culture in Our Country!

13 cards rummy is not just a game in our country it is almost part of our culture. That is how much ingrained in our lives this game is. Considering the ramifications that rummy card games have on our...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Feb 18, 2014
What Are the Particular Triggers to Watch out for when You Play the Rummy Game?

Did you ever wish that you had important insights into the game of rummy like some others seem to have and this could put you ahead of the game? Actually there are important cues and triggers in the...

Articles > Hobbies > Card Games Nov 12, 2013
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