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Learn What You Need To Refrain From While Playing Rummy Online!

Author: Classic Rummy
by Classic Rummy
Posted: Nov 14, 2013

Today playing 13 cards rummy game as and when the mood strikes you is no longer something that you have to work hard towards. You can play as and when you want as long as internet connectivity and a device is not an issue which given the infrastructure today is not such a big deal. Then does this mean that playing rummy is without any limits? Yes! Playing rummy has no limits as long as you are within your limits and refrain some unacceptable practices. Here we give you some things in particular that you need to refrain from while playing Rummy Online Games:

  • Play in collusion with other players: When you are playing online rummy the main thing that appeals to people is that they can play with friends and family members who are situated in a far off location by asking them to join a particular game. This features endears the game to many players and it can be fun to play and chat with people even as you play. But the thing to remember is not to misuse the very feature that the rummy site provides for your use by colluding with other players and playing fraudulent games.

  • Create and operate more than one player account: Many a time players who play rummy online they come up with ways to beat the system. One of the means of doing this is by using different names and different Email ids to come up with two or more identities on the site. They then login to the accounts from different browsers and play against themselves to enable winning. Nowadays Indian Rummy Online sites have a good way to monitor such practices and the players found doing this will be banned from the site forever.

  • Try and use the rummy site for laundering money: Since online rummy cash games offer you many bonuses and extra cash offer, the temptation to use this aspect to launder cash is always there. But since this is harmful for your reputation as well as the reputation of the site, you need to refrain from practices.

  • Behave in an unsavory and unacceptable way: Chatting is one feature that adds to the charm of playing Online Rummy Games, but some players take advantage of the relative anonymity to behave poorly with other players. Such behavior never goes unnoticed and many a times other players complain about this and this leads to players being banned from the site.

  • Try and trick the system: In Classic Rummy website - rummy is a game that is played for financial stakes, there are many times that players hope to trick the system in a bid to win cash in unacceptable ways. But this is something that never works out in the long run and players are always on the losing end when they do this. Keeping this in mind it is always better for players to refrain from doing such things.


Online rummy games are hosted for the enjoyment of players as well as for profits for the hosting site. Keeping this in mind, players should always refrain from behaving in such ways that will result in their being banned from the site. This way they can enjoy the fun of playing online for a long time.

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Author: Classic Rummy

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