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Indian Rummy – An Intriguing Balance Of Simplicity And Challenges!

Author: Classic Rummy
by Classic Rummy
Posted: Jan 25, 2014
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Rummy games, today are everywhere and one has to wonder what is the appeal. No doubt, rummy is a fun game but there are other games that are as much if not more fun. What is more rummy games as we know it in the offline version is not that different from the online version but still more and more players are flocking to the numerous online rummy sites registering to play.

Have you ever wondered what makes a simple game like 13 cards rummy so appealing?

A careful examination of the different aspects of the game will provide you with two startling discoveries. One is that rummy is a game of simplicity. And contrary to what we said earlier rummy games are also quite challenging. Confused? Well we will make things really clear for you. It is this very contradictory mix of simplicity and complexity that makes rummy games so appealing.

Here are the areas in which Indian Rummy Online is simple:

  • Registering to play is easy: If you are wanting to play Rummy Online Games, then registering to play is really simple. All you need is essentially a valid Email ID and you are good to go. You also have to be above 18 years to start playing.

  • The rules of rummy are simple: Indian rummy is really simple in terms of the rules the whole concept being based on knowing that a natural sequence is essential to proceed and also knowing the rules for use of joker.

  • The mode for playing is pretty basic: In rummy the simplest part is the basic pick first and discard later mode which makes things really crystal clear.

  • The hierarchy of cards is very uncomplicated: When it comes a hierarchy of cards this is also uncomplicated with the only exception being Ace which is both the number on card and also the 14th card.

Here are the areas in rummy games where you will meet complexity:

  • Knowing when to quit is not easy: In rummy games online, there is a certain point where quitting the game by dropping is more prudent than continuing and getting higher deadwood points. But determining the right time to do this is pretty complex.

  • Planning your moves requires a lot of thinking: Good planning is one of the skills required to play Indian rummy and this takes a lot of complicated efforts in terms of thinking and strategizing.

  • Gleaning what others are up to is tough: In rummy card games another facet is being able to judge at what level of the game others are at and this is not an easy thing to do.

  • Juggling things within a shorter time is complicated: You will need to be good at multitasking and also be able to do it in limited time. This can be a daunting task adding to the complexity of the game of Indian Rummy Online.


A closer look at the game of 13 cards rummy will show us clearly the reasons why it is popular. It is the very interesting mix of easy norms for playing interspersed with complex thinking and skills that makes the game so immensely appealing.

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