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Some Rummy Card Game Talk Made Easy

Author: Classic Rummy
by Classic Rummy
Posted: Dec 15, 2013
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When it comes to games that we like to play there are certain terms that are used and this become part of the lingo of the game. While knowing the lingo is strictly speaking really necessary to play the game well but knowing them can give you a definite edge. Take rummy games for instance; they are not only rich in terms of history and background but have also evolved over time. This means that the game of rummy is not confined to the drawing rooms of people or the halls of clubs, but is a game that is on wherever there is a computer with an internet connection.

Even earlier on there was rummy card game talk going on where people of each region developed their own terminologies and this would be shared with the newcomers so that they too would be familiar with it. But today rummy is no longer a regional thing, in fact the game of 13 cards rummy has gone national and this means all those offshoots and specific norms of the game that each region used to have has now become standardized. But even then the rummy card game has its own set of terminologies and learning these would make you really feel as if you are part of the game scene.

Without further ado, here is a list of rummy card game talk that any player of Rummy Online Games should be aware of:

  • Card joker: This is the joker of the game that gets picked at the beginning of the game. Essentially all the cards with the number or picture that gets picked up can be used as a joker to complete a set or sequence and even if unused, the card has no points.

  • Printed joker: Each pack of cards comes with jokers that are printed and these too are used in the rummy game.

  • Opposite joker: In some games the color opposite to the card that is picked will be used as the joker. Like if an Ace of spades (in black) is picked, then the Ace of hearts and the Ace of diamonds will be the joker as they are both in red.

  • Run or sequence: A set of three cards or more in line to form a sequence

  • Set: The same number or picture card, but only one from each suit

  • Life: A single natural sequence or sequence without joker that will open up the possibilities of using the joker cards.

  • Paplu: The card above the card picked as joker. For example if the 2 of spade is picked as the joker, then the 3 of spade is the Paplu. In certain variants of rummy this card is really valuable and is used as joker.

  • Nichlu:The card below the card picked as joker. For example if the 2 of spade is picked as the joker, then the Ace of spade is the Nichlu. In certain variants of rummy this card is really valuable and is used as joker.

  • Scoot: Dropping from the game in exchange of some points is called scooting. The drop points and the option differ from one variant to another.

  • Full count: In rummy the full count comes to 80 points and this happens when you do not have any sets or sequences and you are holding deadwood cards of high points. The maximum score of 80 points applies even if your count is above that.


Learning to understand the rummy game talk will make the game more enjoyable and also enable you to understand what the other players are talking about. Finding out what they are talking about is the key to playing the game well and enjoying it to the maximum.

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