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No Guilt But With Lots Of Fun Is The Way To Define 13 Cards Rummy

Author: Classic Rummy
by Classic Rummy
Posted: Dec 02, 2013
playing rummy

When it comes to doing anything remotely related to fun, there is a kernel of guilt that enters it. This is because anything fun or pleasurable is usually an activity that is related to wrong side of things. This means that though we do enjoy the activity, it is tainted by that little bit of guilt that pops into your mind due to either your own conscience or due to others pointing out this fact to you. But playing rummy online is something that is a lot of fun and offers a lot of pleasure to the participants but it is not tainted by guilt. Yes! You heard it right! Playing rummy is a fun activity that does not have guilt angle attached to it to spoil things for you.

Why is that? That is because the game of Indian Rummy Online is a game of skill and this fact has been accepted and acknowledged by even the court of law. It is because the game of rummy though having a small element of chance or probability in it, winning is mostly due to the skill that the player displays while playing the game. Let us clarify this whole thing with a good example of something that happens in a game of online rummy.

Two players join a table to play pool rummy. In a game of online rummy usually two packs of cards are used. This means that there will be two printed jokers and 7 game jokers ( as one joker card will lie open after being picked up), bringing the total jokers in the game to a total of 9 jokers in total.

This means that the possibility of both players landing up with the same of number of jokers is possible and at the same time it is also possible for both of them to have equally good cards. While getting jokers and getting cards is not in the hands of the player, what they do with the cards once they have them in hand is totally dependent on them. This is where their skill at arranging cards and manipulating things comes in handy with the more skilled player winning the game.

Apart from the fact that winning at rummy games depending on skill another factor that makes rummy a fun activity without the guilt factor is the fact that you can play rummy free and this means that essentially what you spend is only your time. Plus when you are playing rummy games for cash, you will find that many sites that host these games also have a responsive gaming policy that will limit your losses within acceptable limits.

What is more today playing rummy games online does not mean that you spend time that you would normally spend working on playing rummy. It essentially means that since rummy games have moved online, time that you didn't know how to spend earlier can be expended on playing rummy online.


As the title suggests rummy games are one of the things that are full of fun but without the guilt factor. This game is not only good for improving your intellect, it also can be played free for as long as you want and also offers you the choice to turn leisure to pleasure.

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