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The 5 biggest mistakes we have done with videography business

Author: Bruna Stuart
by Bruna Stuart
Posted: Nov 13, 2013

1- Videographers not holding the shots long enough

There is a reason why this is the number one mistake. We have all done it, you know you need to hold your shot for around 5 seconds to facilitate the editing, you think you are doing it and when you get to chopping the footage you discover that first three seconds is you moving the camera around trying to frame the shot and if lucky you end up with two seconds of usable footage which is just too little to put into the film. Weddings are stressful, most of the times we are trying to do many things at once and our attention is dispersed, we found that making a conscious effort and counting up to 5 Mississippies, got rid of this problem all together.

2- Bad sound at ceremonies and speeches

When I started shooting in 2010 I struggled to have good quality sound for ceremonies, I tried it all, lapels, wireless lapels etc etc. I found that not one single microphone could give me the clarity that I intended and to top things up I had microphones fail me. I remember a wedding where 2 microphones failed at the same time. One due to a battery problem and the other one to a faulty cable which even though it was plugged in did not transmit any sound. From there onwards I realised that I needed to start micing not only the groom but also the priest and have a backup microphone near by capturing it all just in case anything happened to those two.

Same for the speeches.

3- Missing essential shots

As we mentioned above weddings can be stressful, under different circumstances you would be able

to get all the shots you need without a problem but, a wedding is often a race against time and shots that you know should be taken are often forgotten. Missing a establishing shot for a venue is something that can go unnoticed if you edit your film around it but as you know getting these shots are key when telling your story. We recommend spending some time writing a shot list for most weddings and building a routine for them. If you are working with other members of the crew, it is essential to give each person a list of roles for the day.

4- Not enough things to cover on the day

We have done all kind of weddings, some where we hardly get any rest and some where there is nothing going on, no speeches, no dancing and formal portraits as part of the photoshoot. This are the harder ones to cover as you will struggle to make compelling edits for them. However, you should build a radar for these weddings and treat them as a challenge. You need to be able to find the little stories that form the day and not be put off by the day itself as there is nothing obvious to film. Think outside the box, set up a time to do guest messages, speak to the venue so that you can film the chef preparing the food. Get earlier to the grooms and the brides house to film more there.

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