Five Secrets to get Natural and Shiny Hair Revealed

Author: Beawel Dubai
by Beawel Dubai
Posted: Oct 15, 2015

A woman’s beauty is defined through her tresses. Thick, long, shiny, and healthy hair is what makes a woman look perfectly beautiful. According to the hair saloons in UAE, getting smooth and shiny hair is not a cakewalk; one must take out time for giving extra care to the hair. One’s genes and in-taking proper nutrition also contributes in the quality of one’s hair. But other than this there are some more secrets for natural and shiny hair.

Take a look at the below listed points:
  1. Hair saloons in UAE suggest not washing hair daily: Avoid washing hair daily as it will deteriorate the quality of hair. Give the hair and the scalp the time to re-grease. Natural grease is a great protection for hair against the environmental influences such as dirt, dust and sun.
  2. Avoid the frequent use of hair dryer: Let the scalp and hair dry naturally instead of using hairdryers. One should use towel to tie hair for some time after the shower and later let the hair dry in the air. This will return shine to the hair and make them less dry.
  3. Apply oil regularly: Hair when washed loses moisture to bring back the moisture in hair it is important to massage head with oil. One must make sure that the oil they use is made of natural ingredients which are not harmful for the hair.
  4. Use bristle wooden hair brush: One must never use brushes or combs with metal prongs, rubber material or plastic. Wooden products are more effective. Brush made of wood will make hair more shiny and soft.
  5. Let your hair loose: One should tie hair too tightly all the time, rather tie hair in a casual manner with a loose band. Also do not go for frequent hair styling this will lead to rough and damaged hair.

Hair health is a reflection of the overall health of a person. Therefore it is essential to keep hair properly nourished. Taking care of hair is as important as any other part of your body. It is because hair are generally left uncovered and are constantly exposed to pollution and chemicals. For better understanding of how one can protect hair, one can visit popular websites like Beawel which provides a list of several hair saloons in UAE that can offer great hair treatments as well as important advises related to it.

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