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The Story Of Itunes And How It Changed The World Of Smartphones

Author: Shawn Doherty
by Shawn Doherty
Posted: Oct 21, 2015

Apple is one of the biggest companies on the planet right now and it has been at that spot for quite some time. The only way a consumer electronics company can be able to maintain such a success is by keeping its consumers happy for sure. Apple knows how to break into people's hearts and bring out a smile. Even long before the advent of the iPhone, iTunes took the world by storm when it was created.

Actually when the famous iPod was becoming a pop culture cult, people from the music industry were worried and felt vulnerable as to how to stop music piracy and how to once again kick-start their incomes from music production. This is when apple came out with a brilliant plan. As a majority of mp3 players sold throughout the world were Apple's iPods, the company decided to create iTunes which served as a platform where people could purchase music that was not pirated and was also safe from any malware that could harm the product they were using. This provided assurance to music artists of a substantial amount of money and freedom from piracy.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the iTunes platform. With the popularity of the iPhones and the iPads, the iTunes store has only grown its portfolio by including apps and games for both these devices along with iPods and the iMacs. Now movies and music also come under the single roof of iTunes. Basically users can find an array of entertainment all in one place because of the iTunes.

iTunes has one of the cleanest and slickest designs in the present app stores. It provides such a boost to the usability of the Apple products that it is impossible to now think of these products without the iTunes. iTunes actually brings so much productivity out of these devices that the line between consumer and professional grade products has vanished in the last few years.

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Author: Shawn Doherty

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