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3 Ways To Make Your Cubicle Appealing Using Office Furniture

Author: Emma Wing
by Emma Wing
Posted: Oct 23, 2015
office furniture

Designing your cubicle is a tricky task. It should be able to strike the right balance between casual and professional. Your cubicle plays an important role in setting the tone for any one-on-one meetings held with a subordinate or a colleague. It also serves as your inner sanctum amongst all the office chaos. The cubicle when designed well can be a little part of your personality on display, to make your colleagues and subordinates feel connected with you on a personal level rather than identify you as yet another suit.

Here are a few ways to make your cubicle more appealing:

Office furniture

Furniture adds character to your cubicle. So it’s important to choose your chairs and desk with extra care. You could select an Executive chair in a bright color, it gives you the comfort of sliding from one end of your cubicle to another. Make room for a bean bag or even a folding chair, so it gives enough seating room for another person. The desk on the other hand could be attached to a leg rest made of grass. Now you can take off your shoes and feel like you’re out in nature rather than sitting in a cubicle. But always remember, office suite furniture should be well coordinated with the office partition.

Office furniture partitions

An office furniture partition can be fun. They don’t always have to be professional looking. When you design your office you can separate cubicles using a bamboo mesh pattern, wallpapered partitions, a chalk board partition and so much more. However if you are stuck with a regular office partition, you can put up some of your favorite posters; it could be posters of classic movies, the nicest looking scenery you’ve seen, a mountain you wish to climb one day, favorite quotes or even all your favorite characters from various animated movies. And the easiest solution to add a little color is putting up pictures of friends and family along with post-its of your favorite quotes and motivational messages.

Personalize away

Now that the transformation is almost complete, there is just one step left. The fun part! Pick up your oldest toys, G.I Joes, Minions, superheroes and take them to work. Get yourself a lava lamp to keep you fascinated during those long hours or when you hit a road block and need some inspiration to lift your mood. And always keep a stash of candy for those office late nights.

So let’s get decorating!

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