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Get Back Your Soul with Shamanic Healing

Author: Martin Taylor
by Martin Taylor
Posted: Nov 03, 2015

Shamanism is referred to a healing approach that put stress that all experiences that affect your soul and healing come directly through the soul. In shamanic cultures, the trouble of the soul is very significant. Moreover, it is one of the most significant aspects of health. The shamanic belief is that a human being is initial and leading a soul having a human experience, not the other way about. If the soul is take care properly, or is healed with the process of soul retrieval, other healings can then evident in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of a single person.

If speaking in Shamanically way, every things are energy. The movement, or the transformation, of energy is part of the curing of the soul, which is itself, energy. In a healing, the shaman goes out the energy that does not go to a person and refills him/her with some divine energy that is the importance of that person's true soul. The hypothesis at the back soul retrieval is that there is soul loss when a person goes through powerful or traumatic conditions. Whenever we experience trauma, a part of our important essence divides from us in order to go on the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.

With the help of individual experiences, normally some kind of trauma, a person loses something of himself. In Shamanic Healing, it is known as "soul loss." In psychology, it is known as "disassociation." Normally, it is referred to a survival device to withstand the pain of the condition. What psychology does not inquire is where the lost piece goes and how one finds it back.

In the performance of Shamanic Healing, when a piece of the soul or energy goes away, it really goes into some other reality and is lost from an individual. Emptiness then exists in that individual’s soul. Consider the soul as a giant jigsaw puzzle. When you face a suffering, a piece of the mystery is lost, leaving an unfilled space in the mystery. When this soul loss happens, soul retrieval is compulsory to repair completeness. In a procedure called journeying, a shaman is planned to enter a changed condition of awareness and travel into various realities to locate and get back the lost soul parts. The shaman then accurately blows these parts reverse into the client via the heart and the peak of the head, restoring totality to a person.

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