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Author: Smith Jones
by Smith Jones
Posted: Nov 14, 2015

Any sort of discrimination that compromises the self-respect of individuals is prohibited by countries across the globe. Even then, if someone faces any sort of discrimination there are solicitors who can help people fight back discrimination as per the demand of the situation. It must be noted here that discrimination in Oxford or Witney is prohibited on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation and the like. In fact, equal pay is granted to all employees of the same rank irrespective of all differences that exist between them. Hence, it is imperative that all working individuals are aware of laws on discrimination so that they can get in touch with their solicitors when they feel they have been wronged in terms of equality.

It is important to mention here that there are two kinds of discrimination, namely the direct discrimination and the indirect discrimination. However, aspects like harassment and victimisation on grounds of difference that exists between individuals comes under the broader spectrum discrimination. And all these acts are considered as "prohibited conduct". In case an individual experiences bad behavior, so to combat the discrimination in Witney they should get in touch with a lawyer who is qualified and experienced enough to handle all sorts of discriminatory cases. Lawyers are the best persons to fight discrimination because they know the way out of it and all the associated legal procedures involved. They are the ones which give people a ray of hope by showing them the right direction. Sometimes, these solicitors also help people in claim settlement if they are discriminated in any way.

It must be noted here that along with employees’ even employers need to be careful about discrimination. They should look into the fact that they do not practice discrimination in any way. Many a times it is seen that discrimination in Oxford is not intentional. However, the working conditions are such that one group of people experiences more advantages than the other. In such cases, the employer can be accused of practicing discrimination on a particular ground. Even while recruitment; employers need to be careful so that they do not end up discriminating people on the basis of age or gender. For example, an advertisement which says that a particular profile requires fresh graduates is actually discrimination among people on the basis of age.

At the same time, an individual who faces discrimination in the workplace can take the following steps in order to safeguard their self-respect. For instance, in cases of discrimination in Witney or Oxford, the victim can directly complain to the top-management of an organisation and it is their duty to handle it with care. They can also take the help of someone else to end the discrimination and last but not the least; they can always adopt the legal methods to combat discrimination. However, it is recommended that accepting discrimination without protesting is not a good idea. Only when people start protesting discrimination will come to an end. For more information visit: www.oxford-employment-law.co.uk

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Smith Jones, the author of this article is a practising lawyer and has represented several people in their fight against being discriminated based on their disability. He also puts down in black and white his experiences.

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