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Relying on Corporate Video Animation

Author: Broadcast 2World
by Broadcast 2World
Posted: Nov 16, 2015

There are many reasons why corporate video animations are such an effective tool for marketing. Considering their use in your overall business promotion is a step towards better audience engagement. Online videos are excellent communicators. They are one of the most efficient tools you can use to reach out to heavily distracted audience who are bombarded with all kinds of messages and information on a daily basis. They allow you to take your brand to an entirely new position by making it more accessible and relatable. Videos also help create a need for your business and in turn enable you to present great value proposition. One of the most engaging marketing tools to date, video animations stir up interest and emotions, which are very contagious, giving you the chance to go viral.

Pictures speak a thousand words and since videos are essentially hundreds of moving pictures that tell a story, imagine just how much a single second of your corporate video can communicate. Putting yourself on the audience end, it is safe to assume that you'd rather watch and be entertained by a video than read a page-worth of text. Videos not only speak to the senses but also to a person's subconscious. This makes them extremely effective in placing messages in the minds of viewers.

Investing on a corporate video is a great marketing move. Set a reasonable budget to spend on it instead of settling for a subpar output. Remember that a poorly made corporate video can also have a negative impact on your brand, spoiling any future marketing goals you have for your business. If you want to make a good impression on your audience, don't hesitate to spend some budget on your marketing. Trying out new ways to promote and advertise such as producing a corporate animation video is also key to reaching your marketing goals.

An animated corporate video must be able to tell the audience the 'who, what, when, where, and why/how' of your business and at the same time provide a hook that will keep them interested. Apart from introducing your brand, business, products, and services, you also need to have a clear call to action so your viewers will know what to do with the information they just received. Adding online videos into your marketing mix is a great way to boost your outbound marketing strategy, increase your website traffic and SEO rankings, encourage better user engagement, and compel people to take action in favor of your business.

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Sunny Arora CEO of Broadcast2world started its company in November 2009 with the passion and belief in the concept of animated marketing to be the next revolution.

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Author: Broadcast 2World

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