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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Creating Compelling Videos in 2019

Author: Net Solutions
by Net Solutions
Posted: Dec 22, 2018

In case you haven’t noticed…Videos Are Everywhere!

Whether you are recording videos for YouTube, or for individual or business use, the video editor you utilize can have a significant effect!

As per a study by HubSpot, about 70% of businesses say that their sales figures increased by incorporating video content; and, with 85% customers relying more on videos to make buying decisions, businesses now need to have a single focus on meeting their customers’ evolving demands as well as enhancing the brand image.

While desktop video editing applications are more powerful when it comes to editing as compared to the mobile apps; however, they are more purposeful when it comes to creating a longer form of content for the web or for video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, to name a few.

On the other hand, for those who wish to record, edit, and share video clips from their smartphones on the go, without having little or no experience, video editing apps would be the best bet. As per a study by Cisco, by 2020, 75% of mobile traffic will be video and 7 trillion video clips will be uploaded, with 2.5 daily video clips for every person. Thus, video editing apps are here to stay.

In this blog, we list the best video editing apps, which will not only save on time but also on money spent in investing in expensive desktop apps as well as empower them to create compelling videos anytime, anywhere.

Let’s get started!

1. Apple Clips

Launched by Apple in 2017, Apple Clips is a name to reckon. It allows users to create and share entertaining videos using text, merging clips, graphics, adding subtitles, editing timeline, and other effects. Users can also add music to their video clips, be it from Apple’s pre-selected one or from the music present on the device.

Using the Apple Clip is easy. Users either can record a video in the app or can pick one from the library, which they can edit by adding different filters and effects and then share it with their friends and followers on Instagram.

One of its outstanding features is the Live Titles, which automatically transcribes your audio and video to text on the screen. Here, you also have to option to edit the Live Titles to ensure that the texts are free from errors.

Pros: Fast and easy to use.

Cons: Available on iOS only.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is not only a free video standalone editing app but is also connected with Adobe’s Premiere Pro product, which is a plus feature.

It offers two modes of editing: Freeform and Automatic. With Freeform, users can exercise complete control of the editing process; and, with Automatic editing, the app trims the video clips and adds transitions to expedite the editing.

Other benefits include – option to automatically modify colors in the video clips, customizing music in videos or choosing a music from the existing music library, and syncing well with Adobe Lightroom CC, an advanced Photoshop offering users with easy to use sliders, presets, and quick adjustment tools, to enhance the creatives.

Pros: Easy to use, provides Adobe Creative Cloud support, compatible with other Adobe apps.

Cons: Unable to rotate clips.

3. Boomerang

Instagram’s Boomerang enables users to shoot a burst of photos, which then turns into a 4-second looping back and forth animated gif. Like Instagrams’ other standalone apps, it is fun, easy to use, and can keep users’ Instagram account from getting stale.

For using Boomerang, users are not required to open an account. They can simply shoot and edit videos and save it to their phone.

This app helps users to create fun and entertaining short videos to engage their friends and followers. To create a video, all the user has to do is tap the circle to begin and the app will take a quick burst of 10 photos, and convert them into a short video.

Powered by Instagram, users can directly post their video on their Instagram and Facebook accounts via the app.

Pros: Very easy to use and share content. Inspires creativity.

Cons: It’s built with only a single feature, which is creating short, entertaining, and engaging video clips in a loop.

4. Quik

Looking to create videos on the go, then Quik is the answer.

With the Quik app, users can create amazing videos with just a few taps. All they have to do is pick the photos and video clips of their choice and then use the app to create beautiful moments, transitions, to name a few. Quick also allows users to customize video clips such as by adding text, music, etc. which they can share it with their friends on Instagram or Snapchat.

Quick enables users to zoom, reorder, trim, and rotate photos and video clips. They can add a personal touch to their clips by adding text overlays, title slides, and emojis too. Quik also allows you to speed up the video footage or play it in Slo-Mo.

Pros: Automated video edits on the go.

Cons: Too many sharing options, be it via email, text, or Dropbox, confuses the user.

5. iMovie

For users new to video editing, iMovie video editing app is the answer. Designed for iOS users, its simple and intuitive user interface, especially its drag-and-drop feature, makes editing a seamless process.

With iMovie, users can import video and photo files through a hard drive. Further, the app allows them to edit video clips and they can add music, titles, themes, music, and other video enhancement tools and filters such as fades and slides. It also enables users to stabilize shaky videos, crop and rotate video clips, as well as increase or decrease their speed.

Pros: Recommended for beginners who wish to edit videos on their iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch

Cons: Available only for iOS users. Not suitable for professionals looking for more enhanced features.

6. InShot

An all-round video editing app, InShot enables users to create videos and edit photos and collages.

It has several notable features. Using this app, users can trim clips and enhance the video speed. This app also enables users to add content, music, and filters. A unique feature of this app is that it allows users to rotate and flip the videos, which is absent in other apps. Considered as a no-frills app, it has all the functions required in building a great video.

Besides the advantages it offers, the downside is that users have to shell $2.99 for removing in-app ads and the watermark from videos.

Pros: All-round functionality.

Cons: Removing Watermark and in-app ads comes at a price of $2.99/month.

7. KineMaster

Another video editing app in the lead, KineMaster’s intuitive interface makes it the most advanced video editing app across any device, offering users with a ton of options. Best known for creating videos on-the-go, the app enables users to edit clips as seamlessly as video editing programs which run on desktops.

With KineMaster, users can also add texts and other effects; users can customize the sound and music in their video by picking it from the internal KineMaster Asset Store music. Further, users can also record audio for embedding it in their video.

On the flip side, it has a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, which is a notch higher than other video editing apps. Also, users will still find a watermark when videos are being exported.

Pros: An easy-to-use interface for editing videos on-the-go.

Cons: Its pro-plan comes with a $4.99 monthly subscription fee. Its available only for android users.

8. Magisto

Magisto is an AI (artificial intelligence) technology enabled automated video editing app, for creating quick and easy videos.

As per their needs and requirements, users can also upgrade to Premium ($2.49/month), Professional ($7.49/month), or Business ($39.99/month) subscription plans. Doing so will offer them more capabilities like longer videos, HD, themes, etc. This AI-powered editor also enables users to customize and control features for a more superior output.

The app recognizes faces, landscapes, flora and fauna, action sequences, and also has the ability to analyze speech and audio. Users can collectively edit sequences in a video, along with music and effects, to make their clips shareable.

With Magisto, users can now add a professional appeal to their videos. Users can also leverage this app for building quick Instagram video posts.

Pros: AI-enabled quick and seamless auto video editing.

Cons: Users may at times have to choose between enhanced edits vs. speed.

9. Splice

Splice is a popular free video editing app available only for iOS users. Created by GoPro, the app has a simple and intuitive interface. It also contains a sound library of samples, loops, and one- shots that users can leverage to boost their videos professionally.

With Splice, users can combine different video clips for creating compelling videos. Further, they can also trim and edit the different clips in the video and can customize transitions.

Pros: Simple intuitive interface and ease of use.

Cons: iOS users only.

10. WeVideo

An online video editing platform, WeVideo is powerful, intuitive, and easy to use video editing app. It runs in the cloud i.e. in your web browser, which is a vantage-point for this app. Thus, you don’t need a powerful computer or install the software as all the hard processing is done at their end.

The process for getting the video footage up in WeVideo is a seamless process. Users can directly import their videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and also from social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. And to save the video clips i.e. import your video files, they get the option to save in 720p, 1080p, and 4K (i.e. the quality of export you want in); users can also export their videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and even to Facebook.

Another outstanding feature is that users get to edit video files even while they are being uploaded. And, once the uploading is completed, the video changes to the edited one.

It comes in two versions – free and paid ( premium ). The free version enables users to trim clips, add filters, select music from the built-in library, to name a few. However, its free version offers only 10GB of cloud storage: thus if you intend to create more videos, you can upgrade to the premium version.

With its premium version, users can leverage features such as sharing videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution, get access to the built-in music library which includes commercially licensed music, to name a few.

Pros: Powerful cloud-based video editing platform for users looking to upgrade their videos.

Cons: Limited storage of the free version.

The Way Forward

Editing videos and shaping it into compelling ones consistently has always been the underlying objective. While on systems, it demands certain specifications, huge RAM, big storage capacity, and technical know-how. Given that, reproducing all these on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via video editing apps is quite a feat.

But with the 10 video apps that we have listed, you can choose the app that will fulfill your requirements, and help you create and publish content for your target audience.

So try out a few of these apps, identify the best one for you, and start editing!

Which video editing app are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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