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5 Things to Be Considered During Logo Designing

A hieroglyphic or pictorial representation is nothing new to this world. The new version of the hieroglyphic script is what is called a logo in today’s world. All credit goes to Egyptians who...

Designpluz Digitalagency Sep 16, 2021
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5 Best Dell Gaming Laptops

Strong and glitch-free gaming laptop is the dream come true of every gamer. Though there is a wide array of laptops to choose from, Dell laptops are a great option if you are looking for a gaming...

Sudarsan Chakraborty Sep 15, 2021
What Are the Best Practices to Ensure Api Security!

An Application Programming Interface, commonly known as API, refers to an intermediary that enables the exchange of information between two independent software components/platforms and ensures that...

Martha Jones Sep 17, 2021
Findings on Domain Protection and Dmarc

As awareness about DMARC grows, the numbers of domains that implement DMARC continue to rise. However, it might not be time to be satisfied just yet. Despite the wider outreach of DMARC implementation...

Ariya Rathi Sep 17, 2021
A Guide to Reduce Data Consumption at Home

Are you looking for ways to reduce internet data usage? This post may be the right place for you. Having a Wi-Fi connection at home is good to do internet related work. But if you use internet plans...

Paul Smith Sep 17, 2021