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Why Microsoft Dynamics is the Premier Choice for NY State Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit often means operating on a shoestring budget, which means there aren't a lot of dollars in the budget for extensive software integrations. This is one of the many reasons NY state...

Stuart Crawford Apr 26, 2019
Premium Member
What Are the Primary Benefits of Hiring an It Support Company

Over the years, IT support companies have established themselves as a peerless in the world of technology and smart gadgets. The primary reason behind the substantial rapid growth of the company has...

Mohamed Fareed Mar 18, 2019
Premium Member
Are Facebook Ads Still an Important Element for Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy?

Facebook is one of the most, if not the most popular social media platform in the world. With more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, it has grown to become the biggest online community...

Hemendra Singh Feb 27, 2019
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Must Have Toolkits for Php Website Development

PHP is very popular as a back-end and scripting language, mostly because of how effortlessly and quickly it can help the developers to create entire websites. Not only that, dynamic yet simple...

Hemendra Singh Feb 21, 2019
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Chatbots: Why This Trend is Changing the Game

Firstly, we must understand what a job of a Chatbot is? Chatbots tries different ways to create substances. They run through loads of data and scrutinize them to find new things. Their job is to...

Hemendra Singh Feb 06, 2019
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Continuous Integration: Things You Should Know About It

Continuous-integration is quite a popular development practice which involves frequent code integration into any shared repository. Automated tests are usually run for verifying integration by...

Hemendra Singh Feb 01, 2019
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Benefits of Voice Assistants in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Do you remember the days when you used to ask friends and relatives about the best places to stay in a new city? Or take help of travel agencies to plan your trip. With the help of Google, we are now...

Hemendra Singh Jan 03, 2019
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Learn the Important Features of Uber Dog Sitting Apps

We all are busy in tight schedules, offices, schools, and colleges. The world has become much faster than ever before. In this hectic life, all we can do for our loved ones is give time. Unfortunately...

Hemendra Singh Jan 02, 2019
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Update and Optimize Your App to Fit the New Iphone Xs, Xr and Xs Max

Since the day Apple introduced their first iPhone they have transformed into power in the business. There is something about Apple that people can't get enough. Despite when another release has...

Hemendra Singh Dec 19, 2018
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Follow This Ultimate Hack to Optimize App Server Performance

Once your app loading time is over two seconds, beware! You may already start to lose valuable clients.There are many alternatives accessible today. Hence, the shoppers don't bother to be patient...

Hemendra Singh Dec 18, 2018
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Top 7 Tools to Test Blockchain Applications

The blockchain development is an old technology. In 1990, blockchain technology was invented. In 2008, Bitcoin technology was invented. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology. An unknown founder of...

Hemendra Singh Dec 17, 2018
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How to Safeguard Your E-Commerce Site with Magento Security Patches?

We all love shopping. Who had thought that shopping can bring out some extraordinary business ideas? The e-commerce industry has now become a part of our daily life. The e-commerce industry has seen a...

Hemendra Singh Dec 14, 2018
Premium Member
You Should Consider Location-Based Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Business. Why? Check This

More and more businesses are today relying on location-based mobile marketing. If you consider the reports and studies you will realise that mobile marketing is definitely giving the desired results...

Hemendra Singh Dec 12, 2018
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The Best Libraries That Take Ios App Development to the Next Level

There are various third-party and open-source libraries that are very helpful for the developers and these libraries can save a lot of time and due to these libraries they can work hassle-free. It is...

Hemendra Singh Dec 06, 2018
Premium Member
How Can Google My Business (Gmb) Help Your Small Business

Google is an all innovative enterprise with different types of products for everyone. Google My Business or GMB is another feather in its cap. It has targeted small and medium scale enterprises (SME...

Hemendra Singh Nov 30, 2018
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