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Are Facebook Ads Still an Important Element For Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy?

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: May 06, 2020
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Facebook is one of the most, if not the most popular social media platform in the world. With more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, it has grown to become the biggest online community. Facebook has evolved with time and introduced new features for its users around the world. As smartphones and the internet was launched globally, more people have joined this online platform. Now you can see not only people joining Facebook to connect with their families and friends but also for business purposes. Several brands and individuals have effectively used Facebook to market their products and services.

Why won't they? With so many people using the website every day, their advertisements get massive exposure in their community. Therefore, Facebook has introduced several new attributes to support these people and brands. Nowadays most of business when hiring Magento development agencies to develop their eCommerce product they also include Facebook Ads into their marketing strategies.

There are several Facebook Marketing Company which provide offer such services. If you run an E-Commerce business, then it is a wise decision to invest in Facebook ads. If you are wondering whether it is essential or not, read this article to know about it.

Why are Facebook Ads Still Important?

Facebook advertising has been considered as one of the most effective ways by which you can market your brand. There are several benefits which you can enjoy via Facebook. More importantly, your e-commerce business generates huge leads if you use Facebook adverts the right way. Here are the reasons to support the statement.

Most popular social media platform - Out of all the top 4 social platforms - Instagram, Facebook YouTube, and Twitter, Facebook ranks first inactive users. That is the reason why Facebook is such a comprehensive platform to market every product or services you have. But most importantly people keep checking their Facebook account various time throughout the day. So you would want to take Facebook marketing services seriously because it can help your e-commerce store significantly. Daily views will increase the traffic to your website by huge numbers.

Can be used for a targeted audience - One of the primary reasons why Facebook and is important is the fact that it can be used for the targeted audience. You can quickly filter the age group, gender, location, and other aspects. All of which are related to your product or services. Within less time, you will be able to generate huge leads from Facebook. When you advertise to your targeted audience, it becomes much easier to increase your sales. This is because people are genuinely interested in buying from your brand.

Facebook Advertising is quick - Putting up an advertisement on Facebook is very quick. Unlike traditional banners or website adverts, which take a significant amount of time to be set up, Facebook adverts provide a faster work rate. A Facebook marketing company will take a maximum of 3-4 hours to upload and finalize the whole advertising process. So if you want instant and quick setup of advertisements, then Facebook advertising is ideal. This is particularly beneficial when you have an upcoming event or a significant update to announce.

Facebook Advertising is cheap - When compared to all another form of online advertising, Facebook is the cheapest. With the disposal of only $5, you can reach out to more than 1000 people within a day. Isn't that affordable? Yes, it is. It is much deal to make than to spend a considerable amount of money on banners and radio announcements. So Facebook ads are still an essential element for your e-commerce site. Because there are thousands of people who can be reached by sending a bit more is lucrative.

Drives more traffic to your website - Facebook is a brilliant platform with the help of which you can increase your website traffic. You can visit a top Facebook marketing company in India to discuss an effective strategy that will draw more people. You can very easily host a "Website click campaign" and direct your viewers straight to your website. There are various other ways by which you can do the same. But Facebook’s affordable price and the reliable system make it a great value.

Facebook Advertising increase engagement - When you are planning to build an E-Commerce store, meeting with customers is essential. Facebook will surely serve you with the best features in this case. Facebook marketing services ensure that your customers can like, share and comment on your advertisements. So they can spread the mouth or even post any query related to the product or service. Thus you can reply to them directly without any hassles. This significantly increases engagement between the customer and a brand which is always a positive sign.

Revamp your online blog - Once you have started to get a good response and leads from Facebook adverts, you can use the traffic to revamp your blog. Through a brilliant advert about your blog, you can very quickly drive traffic to it. Blogs are an ecstatic way to build a more positive and stable relationship with your customers. They get to know about useful information and a deep insight into the company. Blogs are more personal and therefore, will surely help your customers to interact at a higher level.

So here are the top reasons because of which Facebook Ads are still crucial for your e-commerce business. While developing important marketing strategies, it will be a foolish decision to ignore the importance of Facebook. When it comes to online advertising, Facebook is the jack of all trades with a myriad of different benefits.

Final Verdict - However, you must keep in mind you will not see the desired results almost immediately. It will take time which can be even months before the engagement increases. Give the process an ample amount of time and continuously work to better your website to make it more attractive. Take the help of a Facebook marketing company in India. Ask them for suggestions regarding how to make your marketing more effective.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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