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Hemendra Singh

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Benefits of Voice Assistants in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Do you remember the days when you used to ask friends and relatives about the best places to stay in a new city? Or take help of travel agencies to plan your trip. With the help of Google, we are now...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Jan 03, 2019
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Features and Limitations of Progressive Web Apps in Ios.

Ali express, Flipkart Lite, Forbes, Twitter Lite are some of the most popular progressive web apps. In this article, we are going to learn about progressive web apps on iOS. Let us first see what...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 04, 2019
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How Can Google My Business (Gmb) Help Your Small Business

Google is an all innovative enterprise with different types of products for everyone. Google My Business or GMB is another feather in its cap. It has targeted small and medium scale enterprises (SME...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Nov 30, 2018
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Wallet Like Paytm?

Before few years paying bills (electricity, DTH, mobile) needed so much time. People used to visit the place and wait in a queue to pay bills. The whole process needed a lot of time.Many users face a...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Oct 16, 2018
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How to Determine the Cost of Custom Software Development?

Software software software everywhere. Want to store data from your customers? Use a software. Want to make complex calculations? Use software. Want to edit your video or audio file? Use a software...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 13, 2018
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How to Enhance the Customer Experience in a B2B Customer Portal?

"Our primary concern is customer's satisfaction". This is what every business says. It doesn't matter which sector are you working in, the ultimate goal of everything you do is to increase business...

Articles > Business & Careers > Outsourcing Dec 10, 2018
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How to Increase the Ap’s Organic Visibility?

There are more than 5 million mobile applications in this world. There are thousands of mobile app development companies all over the globe. As per a report was given by Statista 6140 mobile...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 15, 2019
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How to Safeguard Your E-Commerce Site with Magento Security Patches?

We all love shopping. Who had thought that shopping can bring out some extraordinary business ideas? The e-commerce industry has now become a part of our daily life. The e-commerce industry has seen a...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Dec 14, 2018
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Must Have Toolkits for Php Website Development

PHP is very popular as a back-end and scripting language, mostly because of how effortlessly and quickly it can help the developers to create entire websites. Not only that, dynamic yet simple...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Feb 21, 2019
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The Best Libraries That Take Ios App Development to the Next Level

There are various third-party and open-source libraries that are very helpful for the developers and these libraries can save a lot of time and due to these libraries they can work hassle-free. It is...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Dec 06, 2018
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The Ultimate Guide to Convert Your App Failure in Success

Propelling a mobile application doesn't generally go plan wise. You'll hit a few knocks and wounds en route. The android app developers may also find out that your application was a total...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Nov 12, 2018
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Top 10 Saas Development Companies 2019

It's certain that software as an administration (or SaaS) is developing quickly. Significant associations say that something like 80% of their business applications would be SaaS by 2020, a rate that...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 11, 2019
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Top 7 Tools to Test Blockchain Applications

The blockchain development is an old technology. In 1990, blockchain technology was invented. In 2008, Bitcoin technology was invented. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology. An unknown founder of...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Dec 17, 2018
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Update and Optimize Your App to Fit the New Iphone Xs, Xr and Xs Max

Since the day Apple introduced their first iPhone they have transformed into power in the business. There is something about Apple that people can't get enough. Despite when another release has...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Dec 19, 2018
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Why Mobile App Projects Fail & How to Ensure Their Success

Contrary to popular notion, successfully executing an app idea might not guarantee your success. More than the ultimate functionality of your app, the success parameter is determined by your business...

Articles > Computers > Software Feb 14, 2019
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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.