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The best libraries that take iOS app development to the next level

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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There are various third-party and open-source libraries that are very helpful for the developers and these libraries can save a lot of time and due to these libraries they can work hassle-free.

It is seen that most of the best iOS apps for productivity use these libraries for solving a huge range of problems.

In this article, we have come up with top 10 libraries that are very popular and has been extensively used by the developers.

  1. AFNetworking
  2. This is one of the libraries with the help of which the life of the developer becomes a lot easier. It is a very light-weight library in which blocks and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is used.
  3. This is one of the most popular third-party iOS libraries that are extensively used by all developers of the community. The library is not only used by the iOS developers but also by the MAC OS and TV OS. It is one of the robust libraries and it has been in this field for many years.
  4. Whether it is a basic networking feature or an advanced one, this library is highly used by developers in all. This library is the most popular iOS libraries and over 50 million developers use this library from all over the world.
  5. JSONModel
  6. When any mobile application development company needs to make an app that needs to have communication with a server that is remotely placed it must use JSONModel libraries.
  7. It is an open-source library that facilitates the developers with parsing which will help you to model classes with the help of JSON response that can be received from the server.
  8. JSONModel is a real time-saver for the developers and it is highly used when there is a lot of complex data model. The best thing with this type of model library is that it is written in Swift which will certainly simplify the conversation of Model objects to JSON and also from JSON to Model objects.
  9. MagicalRecord
  10. It is highly used by the app developers for persevering and querying the user data. It uses a Core Data API which is very powerful and it contains huge boilerplate code. With the help of MagicalRecord, it becomes possible for the developers to manage the persistence storage.
  11. Apart from that, there are some other advantages of using this library such as it helps in cleaning up all the core data that are related to the code. It is a simple one-line fetch and whenever any request optimization is required it can modify the NSFetchRequest.
  12. SDWeblmage
  13. It is another category of the library which is highly suited for loading the images from the Web. SDWebImage has an extensive capability of downloading images and for cash. It adds web images and cash management for various Cocoa Touch frameworks. It has an asynchronous image downloader and asynchronous memory.
  14. It also has an animated GIF support and has a background image decompression. With the support of the SDWebImage library, the developers can make sure that the same URL cannot be downloaded many times. Apart from that it also ensures that the spurious URL cannot be retried again and again.
  15. It also makes sure that the thread cannot be blocked. It is very useful in UIKit categories which help in setting UIImageView to an URL. SDWebImage helps to remove a lot of pain of the iOS developers by making the work easier. That is the reason why it has been extensively used by the developer.
  16. ReactiveCocoa
  17. This is another library which is highly used by the iPhone app developer. It comes up with various methods for composing and transforming various streams of values. It mainly uses signals called as RACSignal with the help of which it becomes possible to capture the current as well as future values.
  18. Apart from that, it allows you to observe and update all the values with the help of chaining and it combines and reacts to the signals. Another major advantage that you derive ReactiveCocoa it comes up with some methods that can deal with any type of asynchronous behaviour which includes callback blocks, notification, KVO, target-action mechanism, etc. with the help of signals.
  19. Alamofire

    It is actually a successor of AFNetworking and the reputed mobile app development company highly uses this library due to its excellent features. It is mainly written in Swift. Since it is a Swift based HTTP networking library it can also be used with MAC OS.

  20. It comes up with some elegant interface which helps in simplifying a large number of common networking tasks. Some of the extensive features that this library has are chainable request-response methods, authentication, JSON parameter, serialization, etc.
  21. With the help of this library, it becomes possible to do the entire networking task very easily such as uploading files as well as requesting data from any type of third-party RESTful API.
  22. MBProgressHUD
  23. This is another very useful library with the help of which it becomes possible for the app developers to fill the gap that is found in UIKit. This library comes up with a class that has Heads-Up-Display (HUD). This Heads Up Display (HUD) uses images, text, spinner, etc. for alerting the users
  24. Masonry
  25. This is another very lightweight framework which has its own chainable DSL. With the help of this chainable DSL, it becomes possible to make the AutoLayout core short and legible. It also comes up with many helper methods for some common layouts.
  26. With this helper method, it becomes possible for the developer to shorten several lines of code into a single line.
  27. SwiftyJSON
  28. When it comes to handling JSON, it becomes very essential for the developers to use this library. It is seen that parsing JSON with Swift is generally very tricky as in Swift it is necessary to handle various kinds of type casting issues. But with SwiftyJSON library it becomes quite easy for the developer to hand all the tricky issues.
  29. SVProgressHUD
  30. Last but not the least this is another very popular HUD library which is used for both iOS and tvOS. The API of this library is found to be very simple as compared to all another library available in the market.
  31. The best thing with this library is that it can customize the HUD with the help of various types of text, images, progress indicator, etc.

So, if you are an iOS app developer you must not miss this opportunity of using any of this above-mentioned library as it can save your time and will certainly help you develop the app as well as other software conveniently.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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