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How to Enhance the Customer Experience in a B2B Customer Portal?

"Our primary concern is customer's satisfaction". This is what every business says. It doesn't matter which sector are you working in, the ultimate goal of everything you do is to increase business...

Hemendra Singh Jul 31, 2019
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Engineering Services Outsourcing Market Growing at a Cagr of 33.9% During 2017 – 2026

Polaris Market Research presents a most up-to-date research on " Pharmaceutical Robots Market, [By Product Type (Traditional Robot (Articulated Robot, SCARA Robot, Delta/Parallel Robot, Cartesian...

Neel Bobde Oct 23, 2018
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How You Could Use Cloud Accounting to Achieve Effective Accounting Savings and Improve Efficiency

How you could use cloud accounting to achieve effective accounting savings. The whole world is going towards cloud based technology, with the advent of high speed internet and also cloud based...

T. K. Oct 26, 2017
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Should You Outsource Your It Support Jobs?

Information technology is maturing by the year. Even though the sector is already pretty mature, people are finding newer ways to implement information technology for use in businesses and large...

Robert Smith Aug 12, 2014
Inspection During Production: a Necessity?

Inspecting the goods after production is often too late and doesn’t bring any improvement in the production process. Since it gets too late therefore you can’t make changes in the production process...

Js Quality Oct 07, 2019
Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for Small Businesses.

What is Payroll Outsourcing?Payroll Outsourcing involves hiring an external agency to handle the payroll-related functions such as calculation, management, and payment of salary along with all the...

Tech Skills Oct 05, 2019
The Future of Bpo Industry in India

In recent years, India has placed a significant foot in the BPO industry. The major success is from India because of the availability, efficiency, and low cost of skilled manpower. The BPO industry...

Madhur Kogta Sep 29, 2019
Lead Generation Company | B2B Lead Generation | B2B Sales Lead

AOB India: A 360-Degree Sales Solution Provider The most common challenge a business faces is growth. How does a business grow? A simple answer to this is "by selling". Yes, sales is the most...

Aob India Sep 23, 2019
Effective and Efficient Sales with Zero-Cost Sales Agents

If you are a company who is planning to pull off sales on a shoe string budget or just testing the market and don’t want to commit to an organization, outsourcing sales to the freelance sales agents...

Aob India Sep 20, 2019
How Social Media Virtual Assistant Helps in Business Development?

"If you are not active on a platform, people will forget you." This is the case that generally happens with social media users. Whether you are handling your personal account or a company’s account...

Virtual Assistant Sep 09, 2019
How Hospitality Secto’s Growth Sets the Inspiration on Economy

This fast-moving sector is still moving upscale and making every head turn. The success isn’t just restricted to a few select areas. Despite the volatile situation and sporadic skirmishes in the...

David Mora Sep 06, 2019
5 Step Definitive Beginners Guide on- How to Become a Virtual Assistant

No doubt, every industry is growing by leap and bounds and so the Virtual assistants.Is this something that you aren’t acquainted with?No worries, I am sure by the end of this post you will become a...

Virtual Assistant Sep 06, 2019
The Oil and Gas Recruitment Sector is Honking Horns Now – Wh’s Onboard?

Despite the fierce trade war and unpleasant exchanges between the leaders of the US and Iran over social media platforms, the sector has gripped the audience with its robust attitude. The global...

David Mora Sep 01, 2019
Expand Your Staffing Facility Using the Best Outsourcing It Services

@ @ @ @@page The progress in the IT industry has changed the way people used to do business and has blessed the business industry to elevate their growth. By letting, the companies step into the...

Technology Elite Aug 25, 2019
Medical Billing: Necessity of the Hour

Statistics in the medical billing industry are very alarming in regard to monitoring and settling the claims of patients. Let’s have a look at the following statistics:On average, 70% to 80% of...

Shrikant Guthe Aug 05, 2019
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