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4 Tactics to Make HR More Efficient

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Nov 20, 2015
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It is important for every owner to ensure that their business is moving quickly and that too in the right direction and here Human resource plays a key role. It is quite unfortunate to know that till date many companies follow traditional method of hiring, when other companies have moved way ahead. Before any of the companies brings in changes, it is important to bring in minor changes within the human resource management system such that it can make the entire department more effective than ever before. In order to ensure that these steps are taken in the right direction, we have bought forth four tactics to follow;

  1. Vacation and PTO tracking process

The process and policy followed in your organization is something which can speed you up or slow you down. Various organizations around the world uses manual tracking process of leaves, accruals etc. which really wastes on an average the time of both the department and the employee. Thus, if you critically calculate it, the productive hours wasted in this, really affects the working and output of an employee. Thus it is important that a complete formal human resource software is adopted which can fasten the whole process and also reduces human intervention which often leads to delays.

  1. Dependence on job boards

Being dependent on recruiters can really prove to be time taking, instead one should opt for social recruiting tool which can faster the process and can help us in completing the things at a much cheaper and effective rate. Moreover the prices charged by recruiters are too high, hence if you are already aware of what you want then you can easily scroll through the social media and find someone who is appropriate and just fit for the job. It is important to understand that the process followed with the help of social media is much faster in comparison to paper based process, which involves a lot of time and is quite slow in comparison to the online process.

  1. Continuous feedback

It is essential to have a formalized process of sending feedback to employees, however for companies who don’t have a formalized process on this it is high time they should get it on place. Employees often look forward to positive feedback and they get motivated on work, thus improving their ways of working and bringing in more efficiency in their output. Frequent conversation between employees and the department, makes an employee which I believe should the prime motive and focus of human resource management system.

  1. Real time culture measurement

Business success is often evaluated on the basis of some indicators i.e. multi culture and strong workforce. Measure of cultures will act as powerful indicators and will also help you to meet and stay on target. Thus organizations should implement latest methods and technology in their human resource software wherein;

  • Suggestion boxes are available for employees to leave their feedback.

  • Frequent meetings are arranged to share and know about opinion of employees.

  • Culture and values of organization should be clearly stated and conveyed to employees of the organization.

If you think your organization needs the most systematic and organized system of leave management, the answer to your prayers comes in the form of the leave management software from ZingHR.

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