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The Best First 5 Best Rpg Games Of All Times

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Nov 21, 2015

In today's day and age, RPGs stand as an extremely popular genre of games. Also, with this surge in their popularity, one subtype known as fantasy RPGs have gained massive proportions of popularity. Basically, these games are located in a virtual environment and are characterized by elements of fantasy.

Below are the top 5 fantasy games that have enjoyed the most popularity in the free to play RPG games fantasy market. While you may not partially or even completely agree with us, and your own opinion on what those games may be may differ from us, these games are, according to us, the most superior in this current market and are surely worth a look.

1. World of Warcraft

Without any doubt, this is the best fantasy RPG out there in the market that features on everyone's top-five RPG list. In spite of being extremely straight-forward and simple, it remains highly vibrant and intricate - qualities which make it a very addictive. And if that isn't enough already, then the fact that there are 11 million people playing this games from all corners of the globe clearly shows that this RPG is beyond successful.

2. Final Fantasy 7

This is a rare old game which actually started the wave of RPGs that keeps getting better with time. Initailly released in 1997, this game has seen continued popularity and supports multiple game modes. It is also a better-looking and aesthetically-pleasing fantasy RPG. The games has a total of 9 characters, besides a very large variety of vehicles, weapons and other essentials you can use. Also, this game is popular worldwide and not just in selected countries.

3. Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is the equally-successful successor to Diablo 1. Continuing with the same storyline Diablo 1 signed off on, not only does Diablo 1 has more quests, more weapons, creatures, enhancements, and a far-superior AI, it features a villain in the form of a big demon. Also, the overall direction and narration is much more superior to that of its earlier counterpart. What's more, is that its new multiplayer mode has met with very positive reviews by gamers.

4. Dragon Age Origins

This is one free to play RPG games that has marked a milestone in the market that has set an example of its own and shown other games how they should be made. Superior to others in so many different ways - not only is this game well-designed, it tells a well-told story of the range of human emotions - from lust to treachery while closely following the journey of one of the few guardians that are alive in the realm today. All-in-all this one surely commands a top spot RPGs today.

5. Elder scrolls IV Oblivion

Belonging to a class of the most addictive games in the RPG market, this is one of those (rare) games than can get you completely hooked even you have played it at least once. With its open gaming environment, this game is full of varieties. Not only does it have and fantasy elements along with magic and battle, you as a player are also free to move wherever you want in the map and shape your journey as a character as you proceed.

Well, that, according to us, was the list of the top 5 best fantasy and Hero Commander skills games. If you're desperately searching a site to get the best online free to play RPG games, you're in luck – brow online Knights Fable official site.

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