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Keep Your Children Free from Oral Problem with the Best Oral Care

Author: Dr Marianna Ibrahim
by Dr Marianna Ibrahim
Posted: Nov 26, 2015

Our young ones are a reflection of what parents nurture them to be. During the initial one year their body and several organs grow. Their teeth come out of the gums one by one. If at this sensitive stage of growth, proper care is not taken, it can cause problems for lifelong.

Toddlers as well as teenagers see several changes in their body while growing. Their eating habits, their lifestyle are largely impacting their growth. If parents neglect this stage of their young ones it can be detrimental to their health. One very crucial part of their growth stage is the teeth of babies and children. Proper mouth cleaning and oral hygiene are an integral part of their routine.

Importance of Dental Care for Children

A child’s milk teeth are at risk for decay more than the case of adults, right from the time they appear around the age of 6 months. Tooth decay in case of babies, little infants and toddlers is a common cause to worry. Decay for babies is seen often in the upper front part of their teeth, but other surrounding teeth may also be prone to be affected. A child must be taken to a dentist one completion of 1 year. From the age of 1, periodic checkups are recommended till they grow. If this is neglected, infants and toddlers in certain case may experience tooth or gum decay to extremes of tooth extraction as well and such that their teeth cannot be retained and have to be removed.

Most of the children have a fully developed set of 20 milk teeth, by the time they reach 3 years of age. As a child grows, their jaws are also well developed and then their permanent teeth are formed when they get stable. Hence it is very essential till this stage that they go for regular dental checkups. The good news is that in the race of innovation, dental care is not behind. Children need not worry or scare away from their dentist. High technology, laser machines make checkups and treatments easy for children. Gone are the days of painful tooth decay treatments. Dentists today are highly qualified and well experienced to take care of the well-being of a child’s oral health.

Finding a good dentist can sometimes be a tedious task. Parents should check for the qualification and experience of the dentists. Apart from that the expertise, specialization and the set-up of the oral health center should be seen. Dentists today are moving from an age old techniques and machinery to the new era technologies attracting patients to their clinics. Several expert children dentist in Garden Grove are known for their level of expertise in handling minor, major or emergency dental care of young ones.

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