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The woes of bachelors in search of Apartments for rent in Dubai

Author: Ezheights Dubai
by Ezheights Dubai
Posted: Dec 15, 2015
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Dubai is without doubt one of the world’s most glamorous cities. But woe unto you if you are a bachelor hunting for apartments for rent in Dubai. Don’t get me wrong here. It is not that bachelors are unwelcome in Dubai or they live in the streets of the city. No. The traditional culture and religious beliefs of the native people in the entire United Arab Emirates have socialized them to kind of frown at the bachelorhood lifestyle. In fact if you are of appropriate marriage age and you are not married, landlords might inadvertently treat you suspiciously if not curiously.

Most bachelors are known to be free souls who love to have good times and just enjoy their hard-earned cash. In other words, they love life on the fast lane, where life is one big party. The city of Dubai might be well endowed with numerous holiday villas, several apartments, and modern hotels; but still, many bachelors find it hard to get places where they can spend their nights out regularly, especially when accompanied with their dates. It is not uncommon for such bachelors, out to have a good time, to be treated with a frown and almost made to feel like intruders

As a matter of fact, there are stringent laws in place that come with guidelines for bachelor lifestyles. Landlords of apartments for rent in Dubai have also been legally restricted by a municipality law which imposes fines on them if they rent their property to bachelors. This makes it quite hard for bachelors to get rental houses where they can settle down. There have been cases where officials from the Dubai municipality have conducted crackdowns on apartments suspected to be housing bachelors illegally, when they are actually designated for families.

Apart from the laws that designate most villas for families only, apartments are also in short supply and come with high rents. Therefore, most bachelors who earn a modest salary are left with no option but to sub-let property. This is not made any easier by the fact that many landlords are always wary about bachelors because of their partying lifestyles.

One would think that once your bank account balance is good and you have a good property agent at your call and peck, then getting a good apartment shouldn’t be a problem. Not when you are a bachelor in Dubai. In fact the renting options of bachelors are highly limited and many a times the exercise turns out to be a real nightmare. A joke that has been doing the rounds for long now goes that, "it is much easier to get yourself a bride in Dubai than a rental apartment where you can live as a bachelor."

Maybe, it is high time the city municipal authorities embraced the idea of building more housing units meant for bachelors only. Some steps towards this direction are in progress already. I think the housing problem, especially for single men might indirectly impact negatively on the city’s economy since a bigger fraction of the workforce in various industries is composed of young people, most of which are not married yet.

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