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Islington Minicab drivers targeting educational institutions as potential customers

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Dec 22, 2015

Islington Minicab drivers are now targeting educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities as potential hirers for their fleet of minicabs. This change in marketing strategy which is being observed in the region of Islington over the last 1- 1 ½ years is now slowly spreading to other parts of greater London.

Why Islington Minicab operators see educational institutions as a potential business segment?

Industry experts in the transportation sector have termed this as a positive trend. According to the Association of Minicab Operators, IslingtonMinicab drivers have an excellent set of vehicles that are wide, spacious and offer very good legroom. They are ideal, both for short runs and for long hauls. Since individual takers of such large vehicles are very few, the IslingtonMinicab drivers were faced with a situation that there were not enough bookings being generated. As a result the Islington Minicab drivers were facing a downward trend in bookings.

One of the other reasons why IslingtonMinicab operators are targeting educational institutions is because schools, colleges and universities have a large number of students that do not have a motor vehicle of their own and so have to rely upon either public transportation or have to hitch with their friends and peers. The student community prefers to have an arrangement whereby they can make a car pool and use the car pool to hire minicabs from Islington Minicabs.

The student community and faculty members make car pools with Islington Minicab operators.

A car pool system works well with Islington Minicabs. 5 - 6 members of the student community hire an Islington Minicab and use that to travel everyday in the morning to the college. On the return trip the students travel back on their own from the college to their homes. The car pool system is a very effective means to have the best of both worlds. Students are able to travel in world class air-conditioned comfort in Islingtonminicabs and do not have to travel standing in public transport. Also they are able to reach their destination in time. Lastly the cost of the travel gets distributed over 5-6 travelers.

Islington Minicab operators also find takers in faculty members of schools and colleges

The Association of Islington Minicab drivers is has attributed that the trend of making car pools is now slowly also finding acceptance in the faculty members of schools, college and universities. This gradual change is happening because faculty members need to prepare notes and do research before giving a lecture in their classrooms and by travelling in a car pool that can concentrate better on their work. They don’t need to take the hassle of driving in their own car or using a public transportation to reach their college. By travelling in Islington Minicab they are able to finish their work on time and also arrive in better shape.Car pools are very popular throughout London and besides Islington Minicabs there are many other minicab operators who use minicabs to form car pools across many colleges, universities and educational institutions.

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