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Importance of Understanding School’s Course of Study

Author: Albert Johnson
by Albert Johnson
Posted: Dec 29, 2015

In the process of deciding which school your child should attend it is necessary to understand the different curriculums and how they can affect your child’s future aspirations.

When you make the choice to home school your children you are committing to a full-time education at home led by you or the school’s online instructors plus your daily supervision and encouragement. There are options to homeschool using public providers whose worldview is secular while selecting a Christian online school the curriculum is typically from a Biblical Worldview. One of the main considerations in this part of the process is identifying the curriculums that each option uses and determining whether that falls in line with your values and standards.

By definition, curriculum is simply the subjects that make up a course of study at any level of education. Educators who spend their career developing textbooks do so from a specific perspective which can be biased towards a general worldview. A primary example is the difference between science books written from the understanding of a biblical worldview and those which are written ignoring such a view and the understanding of creationism. Creation which is foundational is presented very differently in each textbook and therefore taught differently in the classroom based on the school’s choice of curriculum.

Your responsibility as a parent is to select an online home school curriculum that best matches your worldview and values giving your children the basic fundamentals they will need to succeed. In Christian curriculums there are a number which provide excellent academic programs doing so from a biblical worldview. The Ignitia online curriculum and its print companion LIFEPAC is just one of the best options that families have to select for their homeschool program which provides both excellent academics and a biblical worldview.

The school’s responnflcsibility is to select the best curriculum from those different curriculum to create an outstanding study program that will give the student a quality education and adequately prepare them for the next step of their education. You can review the school’s curriculum through their online website as well as by

talking with their staff members about any questions or concerns that you might have. Remember that an accredited school has had their curriculum evaluated as part of that process and approved as meeting certain standards and criteria which helps you in making the right decision. It is important for many in high school to have a school’s courses approved by the NCAA for academic eligibility. Online reviews, blogs and articles can help you become more informed about the differences in the curriculum with the understanding that no single program is perfect and has their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. The other side is to ensure that the school has an even balance of work required throughout the school term so the student can accomplish all their work in a reasonable amount of time and understand the information provided.

Your child’s education is one of the single most important tasks you have as a parent and making the right decision is critical to their future success. Homeschooling requires time, dedication and structure but you don’t have to do it on your own when there is the best online home school curriculum complete with certified instructors and educational staff members to help you out. Take advantage of all the benefits of a Christian education from home with the expertise and experience of a top-rated school.

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