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What Is the Best School Management Software?

Author: Jitender Kumar
by Jitender Kumar
Posted: Nov 14, 2019

School Management Software is designed for facilitating paperless management of schools. The best school management software has an ability of hosting modules that allow user to maintain the academic history of their students, records and more that ultimately helps the teachers, staff, to work in accord. This brings different functions and departments in just one system and offers all relevant data at one place. School management system online is getting more prevalence. The web-based management software is simple to use at all locations, without any sacrifice in the functionalities.

Why does Education System require School Management Software?

Schools, tuition centers, universities, vocational and skill training classes have so much to gain with the school software. Size of the institution is irrelevant, while it comes about using the school and college management system. It is because the main function of best school management software is helping the schools and other educational institutes to gain right control over the administration & automate redundant tasks.

What are the functions of the best school management Software?

Like mentioned the top school management software project helps the education institutes to digitize lots of the functions and automate outmoded tasks and manage the diverse verticals of the school’s operation. Certain tasks like admission management, student registration, library & hostel management, designating faculty to the classes, setting timetable & schedules can easily be performed by school software. Using the messaging facility, the manual-made errors will be minimized significantly and allowing for higher efficiency & better performance.

Use of ERP Software for Schools

With the passage of time, your student and faculty size grow and you can upgrade your a school ERP and college ERP system to be relevant with an increase in the operation size.

  • The school software & campus management system can easily be customized as per the requirement & upgraded at the higher stage to include the new technology & software additions. The solution helps to reduce cost overhead, since plenty of processes will be automated and managed by a smaller group of people.
  • School software is accessible for the use as on-premise solution and as cloud-based solution. There is more to gain from using school software as the cloud system, because if there is any damage because of the earthquake, fire, flood, system damage and others, you know that your information is on the remote server. The cloud services generally come with high encryption & data security measures; thus, your data will not fall in the wrong hands.
  • Most of the school management system in India is mobile-enabled, thus you may access the school’s data on the go. Whether it is the smartphone or tablet, you’re connected to the data even if you are not physically present in the school.

Implemented in more than 1500 schools, Entab offers the best school management system to manage the school every day administrative tasks easily. It is the advanced school management system that comes loaded with many modules, which includes library management, online fee payment, and more.

Modules of the Top School Management Software

The school software generally comes with many modules. Some important modules that school management software comes with are listed here:

  1. School information system: Any educational organization requires staff to teach and pupils to learn, and faculty and student database management software help with handling this vertical. School management system handles the admissions, classroom-wise division, student registrations, and admit card for exams generation and distribution. Most of the functions are automated in classroom-wise division and system calculates just by factoring total number of the students, classrooms and available faculty, and student-teacher ratio.
  2. Campus Management system: The key focus of the school management system is improving the campus operations & automates redundant tasks. Campus management module helps in managing various verticals such as visitors and security, campus administration, appointments, gate-pass generation, and more. Campus management software will be further divided in canteen, hostel, and transport management that are the important functions (that depends on your organization). Such features are discussed in complete detail, however, for such conversation, campus management module will help to administer & streamline it.
  3. Examination Management System: Conducting examinations is a tough business for many educational institutions. There’re exam eligibility calculations that needs to be done, preparing question papers, halls and classrooms to get assigned & doing score assessment on the mass scale. Exam management module in school management application works on 3 levels: pre-examination, exam day and post-exams preparation.
  4. Faculty Management System: Faculty management module will allot classes to the teachers, helps with the lesson-plan creation and schedules timetables. Additionally, faculty management module works with attendance management module that will help the teachers to identify absentees. The module is useful for the resource sharing among the faculty members, by ‘share’ buttons within this solution.
  5. HR Management System: With human resource module, you may create the centralized and integrated employee database as well as manage this in a better way. In addition, you can maintain the comprehensive employee profiles by covering a wide variety of the essential workforce data –contact details, dependents information, work history, educational details, and much more. You also can use HR management module for configuring master settings & sub-fields such as department, company, employee hierarchy and configure staff working hours & leaves for attendance and leave management.
  6. Fees and Payroll System: Fees & payroll calculations are important administrative functions that the school database management software will perform. Right from the fee plan formation to enrolling each student in single or multiple fee program, providing fee submission receipt for fee related reports, there is so much that fees and payroll does for making your school to operate smoothly.
  7. Leave & Attendance Management System: The school management will manage attendance and leave module records the student attendance (via ID cards, biometrics, and manually entered using the register), and leaves taken. This does the same for the staff members and faculty. Using attendance and leave management software, your school will keep the proper track of absentees (helpful for examination & fine calculations) as well as automate the whole leave and attendance tracking procedure.

Does Your School Require School Management System?

Technology has eased down everything for schools. Some hard-to-ignore advantages of having the efficient school management system are:

  • Enables connecting with each small & big authority or part of school.
  • Performs the indirect School branding, and parents will have a good impression of the school in mind.
  • This can improve the productivity of the teachers since they do not need to manage side-tasks.
  • Comes well integrated with CMS
  • Complete automation of the school processes allows simple tracking and gives better insights about the data to the school management. With this, the decision-making will improve.
  • Information saved in the school management software will be retrieved and edited from anywhere via laptops, mobiles, and desktops enabled with Internet.
  • Allows students to use and understand technology practically.
  • Saves school’s money by eliminating expenses of stationery & human work.
  • Employee & customer satisfaction increases.

Schools require the full-fledged and right tool to ensure right functioning as well as record management at each stage. Using comprehensive Management Software is a prerequisite nowadays. With this software, academic institutions will automate each school-related task. The best school management software will have administrators, students, teachers, managerial staff or other kinds of users, and assigned with various capabilities. It can manage the library, fees, attendance, admission, parent and teacher and student communication, timetable, and related operations very easily.

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