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5 Benefits of Whitening Agent in Textile Industry

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Dec 30, 2015
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As the time evolve and people become more and more conscious about the way they present themselves, the textile and the detergent industries also need to retrospect and figure out how the buyers may be given the highest level of satisfaction when they patronize with the brand. This is one of the biggest reasons why the textile and detergent industries indulge in the use of an optical whitening agent. This is an agent that helps in making clothes appear whiter or brighter. While the textile industry finds great relief with the use of the product, the end users of the textiles and clothing also feel happy to use a product that helps them in more than one ways. Here are the 5 biggest benefits that may be achieved with the use of whitening agents.

  • A cleaner look: When fabrics are used and washed, they have a naturally dull look. The fabrics never get as clean as new and they do not look washed at all times. In such conditions, the whitening agent ensures that the clothes get a whiter or a brighter look and they appear like they are new after every wash. The textile industry benefits because the users of the textiles feel happy to think that they are investing in brighter looking clothes.

  • Eliminated bluish tinge: In the olden times, textile industries would make use of a blue coloured agent to cut down the yellow tinge from clothes. While the blue agent helped in cutting down the yellowness, it left its own bluish tinge. However with the use of whitening agents, the blue agent does not need to be used and the clothes may be kept shining bright without having the bluish tinge.

  • Higher sales: Brighter colours and whiter white make for an excellent visual treat, which is why the use of whitening agents has also led to the advancement of clothes sales with more and more people getting attracted to the newness of the fabric.

  • Increased shelf life: Optical whitening agent manufacturers ensure that the fabrics that are treated with the whitening agent may have a longer shelf life. When a product or an effect lasts for a longer period of time, it is ensured that it remains popular among buyers who value good quality products.

  • Better value for money: The use of the brightening agent also ensures that the buyer get a better value for money, which is why it is made sure that more buyers patronize with the brand and a loyalty is created within the buyers for the brand that uses the agent effectively.

  • When the right use of the optical brightener is made by the manufacturers in the textile industry, it is bound to be beneficial not only to the industrial establishments, but even for the end users of the product.

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