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Teeth Whitening Pens: Capture a Large Share of the Dental Consumer Market

Author: Shailesh Gajjar
by Shailesh Gajjar
Posted: May 07, 2020

People still want white teeth. Compare the statistics, check the number of searches on "Google" or simply visit a local dentist’s clinic, you will be amazed by the number of people who want whiter teeth. With the high demand for convenient, easy-to-use options for whitening teeth, there is one tool which is quickly becoming popular among users: Teeth whitening pen.

If you are a businessman in the cosmetic dental industry, a dental hygienist starting a new practice or a dentist trying to build a successful business, you should not miss out on teeth whitening pens. They provide you with an opportunity to build your business stronger than ever. Let’s learn why you should not shy away from selling teeth whitening pens.

1. A New Opportunity

It is a fact that patients need touch-ups in between their annual dentist appointments. Not all patients are going to come back for a quick touch-up. Only a few might wait for their yearly appointments; others will just opt for OTC teeth whitening solutions and finish the job at home. Why not tap into this unexplored territory? Why not you provide the patients an opportunity to touch-up their smiles on their own? With teeth whitening pens, anyone can whiten their teeth in just a few minutes. You do not need to set aside a special time for teeth whitening sessions. Whether it is before an important meeting or a date, a few strokes of the pen can work wonders.

2. Need of the Hour

According to a report, 38.29 million Americans used teeth whitening products in 2019. The numbers are expected to rise in the next couple of years due to America’s obsession with whiter teeth. A similar trend is visible in other developed and developing nations across the globe. This is the right time to tap into the market of OTC teeth whitening products.

If people are willing to invest in cosmetic procedures that enhance the way they look, why not capitalize on the need and offer a robust solution that can actually help them. Your patients will be happy to buy teeth whitening pens from their dentist instead of any unreliable brand available on the supermarket shelves.

3. Earn More

Think of the revenue you would generate for your practice if you sold 20 teeth whitening pens each day. If the profit margin for one pen is $5, it means you could profit $26,000 annually. It is definitely a bigger number considering the factors such as low investment, zero marketing cost, higher brand recall value, etc.

When compared to the cost of chair-side teeth whitening treatments, dental whitening pens are not expensive. They can be categorized as an impulsive purchase on the part of the patients. They will be happy to save money on quick touch-ups and will buy the teeth whitening pens quickly. The product can be a perfect add-on product to your existing line of dental services.

4. No Formal Training is Necessary

Unlike other at-home teeth whitening products, teeth whitening pen is easy-to-use. A dental hygienist/dentist can instruct the patients on how to use the pen in a matter of minutes. No formal training is required to use the teeth whitening pen.

It is comparatively convenient than using teeth whitening trays. Instead of worrying about using a syringe, filling the dental bleaching trays and setting them accurately on the teeth, one can use teeth whitening pens to finish whitening their teeth on-the-go. When the requirement is a quick touch-up, it makes sense to use the pen. These benefits can convince your patients to buy teeth whitening pens.

5. Build your Brand

Teeth whitening pens offer you the chance to build your brand. You may currently be focusing on in-office marketing strategies. Whether it is displaying posters in the waiting room or using a mobile LED dental whitening system with LED display to inform about new promotions, all the strategies will work when the patients actually visit your clinic. How do you remind them of your clinic when they are home? Take help of private label teeth whitening pens. You will be able to provide them with a dental whitening solution and remind them of your brand every time they use the pen.

Private Label for Better Marketing Strategy!

In today’s competitive world, it is more important that customers recognize your brand. To ensure a higher recall value of your brand, private labelling can prove to be a valuable tool. Private label teeth whitening pens are so accessible that people can keep them in their bags all the time. The pens will act as your marketing material every time they use them.

Today, teeth whitening manufacturers have gone one step beyond private labelling. They offer dentists with the opportunity to actually customize the product and have a say in terms of product formulation. You can work with a reputed manufacturer and customize the ingredients that will suit your patients in a better way. You will be able to customize the look and packaging of the teeth whitening pens and offer a unique solution to the people.

Are you ready to sell private label teeth whitening pens? Work with the best wholesale teeth whitening products manufacturer, distributor and supplier of America. Choose a reliable supplier to ensure safe ingredients, high-quality packaging and quick shipping.

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