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How to use Teeth Whitening Syringes and Trays for Maximum Brightness?

Author: Shailesh Gajjar
by Shailesh Gajjar
Posted: Apr 15, 2020

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can yield bright results. There are many ways to achieve a stunning smile. And, dentists often recommend using teeth whitening syringes and trays to keep their patients’ teeth bright and shining. If you are into the business of selling teeth whitening solutions to dental clinics, spas, salons, retail stores, etc., you must have answer to the common questions related to teeth whitening syringes and trays. Let’s begin.

1. Are there any Specifications to using Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel Syringes?

There are many types of teeth whitening trays available in the market. You can ask the dentist to customize the fit according to your teeth. Alternatively, you can also buy custom thermoform teeth whitening trays online. They are also called boil and bite teeth whitening trays. The procedure to get a customized fit with the thermoform trays is simple. You need to dip the tray in warm water for about 5 seconds and place it on your teeth so that the mold gets shaped in the form of your teeth. It is very simple and available in many colors online.

Coming to the teeth whitening gel syringes, there are a wide number of options for you. It all depends on your requirements. Are you ok with an advanced 6% Hydrogen Peroxide formula? Do you want to go for 35% Carbamide Peroxide or are you interested in customized gel formula? Are you looking for overnight teeth whitening procedures? Make sure you list down your needs before starting a whitening session at home.

2. How to Prepare for a Teeth Whitening Session?

Whether it is a teeth whitening procedure or anything else in life, preparation is essential for successful results.

a. Be ready with the teeth whitening tray and gel.

b. Brush your teeth and floss them thoroughly to remove any food residue.

c. Let your teeth be clean and dry. You can use a cloth to dry them.

d. It is advisable to wait for an hour before using the gel on your teeth. It will reduce the chances of developing any teeth sensitivity issues.

3. How to use the Whitening Trays and Syringes efficiently?

Now, comes the application part.

a. Clean the tray with water and dry them completely.

b. Put a small dot of the gel (the size of a rice grain) in each indentation.

c. Apply the gel in such a way that it focuses on the enamel that’s facing the outside.

d. Make sure you are not putting the gel on the edges because it will slide out and irritate your gums.

e. Align the loaded tray over the teeth accurately.

f. Press down the tray slowly over your teeth so that the gel spreads evenly.

g. Take the next tray for the opposite jaw and repeat the same procedure.

h. Do not bite the tray hard otherwise it might break or distort.

i. Keep the trays in your mouth for the duration suggested by your dentist.

j. After removing the trays, rinse your mouth and wipe your teeth to remove any gel residue.

Note: If you feel irritation in your gums, do not worry. It is temporary. However, if sensitivity occurs for a long period of time, stop the procedure for 1-2 days. Meanwhile, use a desensitizing toothpaste until the sensitivity disappears. If you are troubled by persistent problems, visit a dentist.

4. What is the Cleaning Procedure of the Dental Whitening Trays?

Once you have used the whitening trays to add a shine to your teeth, you must clean them and keep them ready for the next session. Wash the trays with water. Use a Q-tip to clean the trays thoroughly and leave them to dry. That’s it! It is very simple to clean and maintain your teeth whitening trays.

5. How long does it take to Whiten the Teeth?

Now, the time required to whiten your teeth depends on several factors. Do you have severe staining due to coffee, tea, or wine? If you are using a highly concentrated gel, the results may be quick. So, there is no exact number to how many days will be required to whiten your teeth. Usually 1-2 weeks is required to see visible changes.

However, you need to follow a few tips for optimal results. Avoid coffee, tea, wine, soda, sauces, tobacco, cigarettes, etc. The pores in your teeth open due to the teeth whitening procedure. If you consume anything that has the potential to stain, it will affect your teeth quickly. If you must consume them during the process, make sure to gargle later. Use a straw if possible.

The Final Word

Using teeth whitening gel syringes and trays can help you get brighter, whiter teeth. The procedure can help remove stains from your teeth and make your smile more beautiful than ever. However, it is not a substitute for bad oral health. Make sure to visit your dentist regularly to avoid cavities and gum diseases.

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