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Your Teeth Can Be Whitened Effortlessly in Plano, TX

Author: Romy Fernandis
by Romy Fernandis
Posted: May 23, 2019

Are your teeth looking like they are stained and you do not know what to do about it? Teeth can be whitened by qualified Teeth Whitening Plano dentists who are well-trained and experienced. Teeth whitening improves the whiteness of natural teeth and brightens them too. Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not for everybody. Our suggestions to you before you go for teeth whitening procedure is to talk to your emergency dentist, especially if you are experiencing; tooth decay, infected gums, discolored teeth, white spots on your teeth, sensitive teeth, a bridge, crown, or you have undergone any other dental procedure. Once you get your teeth whitened at a dentist near me clinic, they can last between four months to one year depending on the type of treatment used. The food and drinks that consume and stain your teeth can also reduce or prolong the duration of teeth remaining white. At Teeth Whitening Plano, we offer three different teeth whitening options, and our emergency dentist determines whether you are a candidate of teeth whitening and helps you to settle on the best option.

At this renowned Teeth Whitening Plano dental clinic, we always recommend that you choose the teeth whitening kit passed by the American Dental Association. The store-bought kit is a do it yourself kind of teeth whitening kit that you use at home. We also urge you to follow the directions of use and remember that this kit requires seven to 30 days of consistent use in order to see their full effects. The results, however, vary with store-bought teeth whitening kits. If you decide to go for the dentist-supervised teeth whitening procedure, our emergency dentist will be pleased to help. Dentist-supervised teeth whitening kits offer greater results than those mentioned earlier, and at this famous dentist near me clinic, we offer two types of treatment. One of the treatment is an in-office teeth whitening that brightens your teeth five to ten shades in a period of 45 minutes. The other kind of treatment offered at Teeth Whitening Plano clinic is a dentist-dispensed teeth whitening kit that you can carry home. These kits normally comprise higher concentrations of whitening agents as compared to store-bought kits and are also very easy to use.

Our emergency dentist is always available to offer you advise and give you more information about the available teeth whitening options. At the dentist near me clinic, we offer in-office teeth whitening treatment after the dentist thoroughly evaluates your teeth, gum, and the supporting bone structure. After carrying out the evaluation, our able dentist is able to advise you on whether the Teeth Whitening Plano procedure is safe for you. Once our emergency dentist agrees to carry out the teeth whitening in-office procedure, it takes only 45 minutes. The process begins with lips and gums covering so that only the teeth are exposed. The emergency dentist then goes ahead to apply a professional teeth whitening gel to your teeth. She then exposes the teeth to a specialized light for 15 minutes to assist the teeth whitening gel to penetrate and brighten your smile. She lets you relax a little bit, then reapplies the whitening gel and light treatment two more times.

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