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Caring for Your Golf Cart by Michael Shaw

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Jan 06, 2016

No matter how long and hard you try to resist, if you’re a true golfer, buying a golf cart is somewhere in your near future. While golfing without one is enjoyable, when you have an easy way to get around the golf course, you’ll find yourself visiting your local spot more and more often than normal. Buying a golf cart is one of the best decisions for anyone who enjoys spending their days off on the course.

While buying the golf cart is the easy part, taking care of your investment is what can be troublesome for some golf cart owners. With a few short and easy maintenance tips, your golf cart will stick by your side through all of your golfing days.

Remember the Battery

Even without intricate knowledge in the area, you probably glance at your car battery ever so often to ensure that it looks like a battery is supposed to. Like a car, your golf cart's batteries must be well maintained for it to work properly. It doesn't matter how much you know or don't know about batteries - maintenance can be simple.

Battery maintenance is as easy as looking over the batteries to check for cracks or corrosion, as well as clearing any dirt or debris that can cover the batteries. If they are dirty, they can be cleaned with a brush and water. Be sure to check that the battery clamps are connected tightly. Water should only be added to a battery that is fully charged.

The Exterior

Accidents happen all of the time with golf carts, even for the most careful drivers on the course. Sometimes these accidents can occur from inclement weather, or simply a small fender-bender with another driver or inanimate object. In any case, replacing the exterior dings on your cart will not only make your golf cart look nicer, but you'll feel better about driving it around.

Be sure to inspect the exterior of your cart for dings and nicks that can easily be replaced with replacement body carts including bumpers, bagwell liners and panels. If your vehicle hasn’t been damaged at all but can use updated additions, you can also find these items available for sale, including bag rack strap buckles, headlights, dash components and more.

Caring for the Engine

Unless you’re familiar with caring for small vehicle engines, leaving this kind of maintenance up to a professional is going to be the best solution for any problem you may be having with your golf cart. Golf carts are similar to cars and trucks, but small engine maintenance can require more time and effort by an educated individual.

Fortunately for golf cart owners, if you know there is a problem with your vehicle and can have it inspected by a professional, you can find many available parts for sale online that will help you save money by buying these items ahead of time. From ignition parts to entire engines, fans to electric motors and gaskets to clutches, you'll never have to rely on someone else to buy the necessary parts for your golf cart.

Getting the Extras

Buying a golf cart is another extension of your devotion to the game, so why not go a little further and spoil your investment with some of the extras? There are many additions you can add to your cart to make it look unique and feel comfortable for anyone who rides in your vehicle on the course. Whether you're adding fancy floor mats, shiny new hubcaps or spending the extra money to buy a cover that will keep it safe during storage season, you're going to be happy with any money you put into your precious golf course buddy.

About the author: Michael Shaw has been a golf enthusiast for over 20 years. After finally buying his very own golf cart last year, he has found that caring for and maintaining it has been easier than ever, especially with all of the available items he needs at Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc. He has no idea how he ever golfed without a cart.

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