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Best golf simulator

Author: Best Golf Simulator Guide
by Best Golf Simulator Guide
Posted: Mar 20, 2020

What are the Best Golf Simulators For 2020

With over 10 years experience in the golf simulator industry, Spectrum Golf breaks down the best golf simulators for 2020. Keep in mind, what is best for one golfer, may not be the best for you. We are here to help you decide which is the best home golf simulator to fill your needs.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing your home golf simulator.

BUDGET– If you have the money to buy a mustang, you are not looking at porsches! Home golf simulators can range from 300 to 30,000 dollars. Make sure best golf simulator you budget funds for the golf cage, golf screen, mat and all the electronics. We have complete packages available that will save you a bunch of money over buying all the components separate.

SPACE– Take some basic measurements of the room you want to install the golf simulator in ( LxWxH ). We can provide you with a free layout and some ideas on how to best install your golf simulator. Each golf simulator might have space resctrictions.

DATA– Some golf simulators provide club data, some provide ball data and some provide both. Ask your self if you are more interested in working on your swing or playing courses? Some golf simulators are more technical and other are more geared towards playing a wide variety of courses.

GOLF CAGE– Do you want a full cage where you are hitting inside the golf cage or do you want some a little less intrusive. Is the room going to be used as a home theater or another use? Spectrum Golf can provide a number of options in golf enclosures.

GOLF SIMULATOR SCREENS- All of our golf simulator screens are of the highest quality and can take a real golf ball. Some golf screens are more designed to double as a home theater with a great HD image. Some Golf simulator screens are more commercial grade and designed to take alot go golf balls. Checkout the newest golf simulator screen materil. The poly spacer, The poly spacer golf screen is a layered ( quilted ) golf screen that lessens noise, bounceback and still provides an oustanding HD image.

For those just starting out with a golf simulator or are on a limited budget, optishot 2 golf simulator is the way to go. Optishot 2 works off of a 16 sensor mat that you hit off of. The sensors pick up all of your club data. You can hit any shot in your bag from 300 yd drives to 12? putts. The game play is smooth, the graphics are top knotch and it comes with a 6 target driving range. You can even play online with the optishot.

A lot of our customers will start out with the optishot, then upgrade down the road. We will even take your optishot in as trade in. In our experience accuracy is +/-5%. If you play a fade or draw, optishot will show it. It doesnt give you any ball data, but will tell you total distance. Be sure to checkout our optishot padded mat. 3 times as thick as stock top. Optishot 2 retails for 299 and ours comes with 3 free courses ( 90 dollars value ). Click here to learn more.

Back in 2014, skytrak introduced their portable golf launch monitor. It compared to the high end golf launch monitors costing 10-12K.

Skytrak golf is a portable unit that just its in front of the ball. Skytrak uses photometric imaging and high speed cameras to capture images right after impact. Data includes distance, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, ball spin, side spin and side angle. Before Skytrak came along, you had to spend 1000’s more to get that data. Sktrak will not give you any club data. It will show hooks, fades and draws, but determines this thru ball data. All the software for the skytrak is subscription based. TGC, WGT and E6 are available. TGC comes with over 150k courses to play! There have been numerous comparisons done against GC2 and Trackman and Skytrak is within 1-2%. Extremely accurate. Another huge advantage of Skytrak is its portability. You can take it to the range or course and hook it up to your ipad. At less than 2000 dollars Skytrak is the best launch monitor for the money.

Protee golf is my personal favorite home golf simulator. It uses a 101 sensor mat with a plush built in fiberbuilt top. Plus you can add up to 2 high speed cameras to measure ball spin rate and launch angle. For the money, no one gives you as much data as the Protee golf simulator. 17 different swing factors on every shot including clubhead speed, launch angle, ball spin rate, club path and much more. Protee golf will show hooks, fades, slices and draws, just like outside. combining 101 sensors with 2 high speed camera makes protee tough to beat. Most golf simulator companies are now charging subscriptions and outrageous amounts of money for their golf simulator software, not Protee. You get the TGC software with online gameplay/tournaments and over 150,000 golf courses! Nothing else to buy! Compare Protee to Trugolf Trutrack. Trugolf uses 30 sensors and 3 microphones to pick up the noise from the ball hitting the screen. Trugolf now charges a yearly subscription fee just to use their E6 software. This can run 300-900 dollars a year for E6. Better to use that money to take a well deserved golf trip!

Several golf simulator companies have come out with an overhead camera based golf simulator and Optishot Golf is in the forefront of this newest technology. Imagine being able to just drop a golf ball and swing away, without having to worry about damaging floor sensors, creating shadows, or having to move a launch monitor for a LH player. The Optishot Vision is designed to sit 10-11 ft above the golfer and provide complete ball and club data for both right and left handed golfers. The optishot best golf simulator vision will also provide real time video of your ball at impact. Best of all, The optishot vision includes all the software you will need. 70+ golf courses and practice area are included with no subscriptions fees. If optishot golf launches a new course, you get it for free! With the Optishot Vision, you get a 3 camera system for added accuracy. Most overhead golf simulators in this price range only have 2 cameras. Foresight GCHawk and Trugolf Truflight 2 are both over 18,000 for their 3 camera setup. Optishot Vision is 9100.00.

Bravo Golf is a 2 camera over head golf simulator. The unit sits about 10 ft high and is about 3 ft behind the golfer. The unit easily mount to a golf frame or ceiling. The cameras are adjusted with simple dials on the housing. The bravo golf unit weighs less than 15 lbs. At a retail price of less than 7000 dollars, Bravo golf packs a lot of features found in golf simulators costing 15-20K. Bravo golf is a Korean company and a division of Game Space. Game Space has been in the golf simulator business for 15 plus years and hold several golf simulator technology patents. The bravo golf unit provides both ball and club data, 70+ courses including augusta, 3 driving ranges and real time video of your ball at impact. This indoor golf simulator does not require any subscription and is extremely easy to setup. Bravo Golf is working on an integration with TGC in the 1st quarter of 2020. Bravo Golf doesn’t require any ball markings like its main competitor, Uneekor

Foresight GC2 is considered the gold standard of golf launch monitors. This golf launch monitor is portable, wireless and has an easy to read LCD display built right into the unit. GC2 uses 2 high speed cameras to take images of the ball and provide complete ball data from ball speed, to launcgh angle to ball spin rate. The GC2 has been used by pga pros and instructors. Accuracy does come at a price. The Base GC2 unit retails for over 6000 dollars and this does not include any software. Tack on another 3000 for FSX2018 golf simulator software with 5 courses. If you want club data in addition to the ball data, you need the HMT module ( simply attaches to the GC2 unit ) for another 6000. So you can easily be over 15000 for everything. If you want the best, you will have to fork over some cash.

Optishot Ballflight is Optishot Golf’s answer to the GC2. Optishot Ballflight is the first golf launch monitor to feature trio tracking technology. It combines high speed cameras, IR and Radar to measure ball data. Optishot Ballflight measures Total Distance, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Backspin, Distance, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle and Club Speed. Optishot does provide marked callaway balls. Since this is a fairly new venture for optishot, the software is limited to a driving range and 12 courses. Easy to setup and calibrate. This golf launch monitor will pick up any shot in your bag from drives to putts. The optishot ballflight unit is constructed of an all metal frame and adjustable base.


There are so many outstanding choices in the home golf simulator market. Portable golf launch monitors like Skytrak Golf, Foresight GC2 and Optishot Ballflight allow golfers to analyze their swing indoors or out on the range. The new Bravo golf and Optishot Vision utilize the latest advancements in camera technology to bring you a truly realistic indoor golf experience. Optishot golf and Protee are outstanding values in indoor golf simulators. To find out which is the best home golf simulator for you, give us a call at 336-342-5592 or email us at We are the experts in custom home golf simulators.

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