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Best golf simulator

Author: Best Golf Simulator Guide
by Best Golf Simulator Guide
Posted: Mar 08, 2020

Now is the Time to Buy a Home Golf Simulator

In the summer months, no one is thinking about setting up a indoor golf simulator in their house. Trust me, I get it. I live in North Carolina where we can play outdoor golf literally year round. The last thing I want to do is set up a indoor golf simulator. Planning is the key to setting up your home golf simulator. Remember that every golf cage doubles as a home theater. Think about watching the NFL on a 144 x 108 screen. ITS AWESOME! Here are some things to think about before it gets too cold outside to play.

Where to install your home golf simulator?

  1. Garages, and basements are the most popular spots for a indoor golf simulator. A typical 1 car garage is 12 ft wide x 24 ft deep. This is the perfect size to install a home golf simulator. Keep in mind a few things about the garage. the garage door opener and frame can come into play on setting up your golf cage. Measure from back wall to end of garage frame and to the garage door opener. Make sure you have 10 ft or more. The garage opener might need to be removed. Also check best golf simulator the ceiling height. 9 ft or more work best on most golf cages. If you live in an extreme climate, you may have to provide a heat source for your garage golf simulator. You dont want to leave expensive computers and projector in temps below freezing. You will need some type of padded carpet on the floor. We use a great indoor/outdoor carpet from lowes that can just be taped to the floor. The weight of the golf cage and golf mats will hold it place. If you ever move, you can just roll it up and take it with you.
  2. Basements are another popular place for a home golf simulator. The biggest issue with basements is usually ceiling height. Check to make sure you have 9 or more for your golf cage.
  3. Most homes now have rooms with vaulted or sloped ceilings. The extra height provides a perfect spot for a home golf simulator. There are some challenges working with sloped ceilings including putting the hitting mat in the maximum height area and making sure the golf cage in centered and properly fits.

To make sure you get the most out of your home golf simulator, email us some rough dimensions and pics of your space. We will provide a free layout of ho we would optimze your space for a indoor golf simulator.

Which home golf simulator is best for me?

This is the most important aspect of building a indoor golf simulator.

Buying a golf simulator is a lot like buying a car. Everyone has a different list of priorities they want with a home golf simulator and of course, a budget. Let run down a list of questions you need to ask yourself when considering a home golf simulator.

  1. Are you more interested in play courses with friends and family or more interested in working on your swing
  2. With your home golf simulator, are you more interested in club data or ball data? or both?
  3. Do you want RH/LH setup or just RH?
  4. Do you want your indoor golf simulator to be portable? Be able to take to range?
  5. And of course, do you have a budget?

Technology in indoor golf simulators is now moving into the camera and radar based systems. The older golf simulators with sensors in the hitting mat are being replaced with portable golf launch monitors like Skytrak Golf and the new Optishot BallFlight. For the higher end golf simulators, Optishot Vision and Bravo Golf feature camera based systems that mount overhead. These home best golf simulator golf simulators also provide real time video of your club impacting the ball. In addition, these indoor golf simulators allow more freedom on where to place the ball. No more having to place it on one spot on a sensor mat. Now you can just drop the ball and swing away.

6. What is the cost of the home golf simulator?

Optishot Golf and Protee Golf are still extremely popular options for your home golf simulator. Prices start at 299 for a Optishot 2 golf simulator to 9100.00 for the Optishot Vision overhead system. Email us your budget and we will give you all the options available to build your ultimate home golf simulators.

Complete packages with golf cage, golf impact screen, golf mat, computer, sensors, software and projector start at around 2500 and go up to 14-15k


If you want to save big bucks, summer is the time to purchase your home golf simulator. We typically have anywhere from 10 -25% of all golf simulator components in the summer. Since its off season for us, discounts are always available on most golf simulators

best golf simulator

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