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How Medical Office Space Rental can Improve your Practice

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Jan 08, 2016

Trying to find medical office space Manhattan can be tricky because you need to first of all think about a good neighborhood as well as a building that has all the right amenities. The moment you decide that you are going to look medical office rental; you definitely need to know that there are serious pitfalls you are going to try and avoid. There are many benefits that are associated with especially finding a good building where you don’t have other physicians already established there.

The right location: Many people will be quick to remind any medical practitioner to find medical office space in hat can be considered a convenient location; this is actually the top among all criteria when one is looking for a primary care physician. Getting other partners business such as pharmacies and laboratories is definitely a plus but if you have other physicians running similar businesses becomes a minus. While most physicians believe that having a large hospital not too far from where they find medical office space is a good thing, apparently patients don’t seem to appreciate that.

Parking space: It has been said that good practice demands that you find medical office space that will allow you some six parking spaces for every 1000 square feet of office space rental Manhattan. While there is no doubt that you will do well with fewer parking spaces, remember that most patients who don’t get parking space nearby and they have to walk long distances will start thinking about other options.

Exclusivity clause: For those healthcare providers who are considering relocating an already successful practice, it may be a good thing to try and negotiate an exclusivity clause with the landlord. With this clause in place, you will be assured that for a pre-determined period of time, you will remain to be the only physician with an office space rental in that particular building; this clause will enable your medical practice to take root before you have to start getting worried about the competition.

Services provided by the landlord: Medical equipment such as X-ray machines normally consumes a lot of electricity; there are landlords who graciously agree to pay for your electricity bills even though you use high electricity consuming machines. There are yet others who will ask that you sign a different agreement where you will be required to pay for the excess amount of electricity that you will consume. Remember, the more service that is provided by the landlord for your office space Manhattan, the greater the amount of free money that you are going to find which you can use to gradually improve your office space so as to increase your patient base.

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