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How is desktop different from a laptop?

Author: Jenny Jonson
by Jenny Jonson
Posted: Jan 14, 2016
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A personal computer that sits on a desk or a table is categorized as a desktop computer. It most commonly comprises of a monitor, CPU, keyboard and a mouse. These are the most basic components that comprises the desktop. Apart from that, there are peripherals like scanner, printer, speaker, etc. Most of the desktops don’t have speakers so they have to attach external speaker system. Also there are connection components that helps connecting all the separate devices together.

Unlike a laptop, desktop is not portable. It is not possible or extremely difficult to carry a desktop from one place to the other while operational. Apart from portability, there are other disadvantages well. Because of separate components, they occupy a lot of space. A laptop usually occupies half the space of what the entire desktop does. Desktops are also heavier than laptops, considering the fact that there are multiple units that make up a desktop, whereas laptop is a unibody machine. In terms of functioning, the desktop usually is noisier than laptop. Because of a big CPU casing, the heat ventilation system (cooling fans basically) are bigger in size. It results in the fan making more noise than the comparatively smaller ones in laptop. This system is many folds smaller in laptops which is important for keeping them compact. A very important functional disadvantage of a desktop is that mostly, they lack wireless connectivity. For anyone who uses wireless functioning of a PC very often, can find this very difficult to overcome. Because to install and use an additional wireless media on the desktop is also very difficult.

There are some reasonable terms on which desktops stand better than laptops. In terms of power to performance ratio, desktops are much better than laptops. One of the reason for it is that the motherboard and other components of a laptop are more complex than that of a desktop. This complexity results in more power consumption by the laptop CPU than the desktop CPU. A huge advantage of a desktop over laptop is the ability of customization. Any component of the desktop can be easily customized or replaced. This also means lots of memory space. The RAM and/or the ROM can be upgraded very easily and as many times as the consumer wants. A desktop is faster than a laptop in operation (considering both have same configurations). The reason is the complexity of a laptop CPU. Desktop is an ideal option for people who like to watch on big screen because there is a limit to the screen size of laptop (in order to keep it portable). For those who doesn’t like to spend every now and then and like to stick to the devices for longer, desktop is what they need. Because desktops are more sturdy and they tend to last very longer than a laptop (thou it actually depends on how it is handled, but generally this is the case).

In terms of pricing, a desktop computer, with same specifications, is always cheaper than a laptop. If the PC is assembled, it will cost even less. If anyone does an online purchase in Kuwait, they are most likely to find a very attractive deal on the desktop computers.

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