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Co-browsing – An essential and beneficial tool for the banking sector.

Author: Yuval Moed
by Yuval Moed
Posted: Jan 18, 2016

Co-browsing can be simply defined as two or more people accessing the same web page at the same time. This technology comforts parties allowing for discussion of the same content and screens for better understanding of each other’s situation. The Co-browsing technology has gained recognition especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. It lets an agent cater to its customer’s needs and queries immediately. This not only leads to satisfied customers but also improves sales. Since the application works on strengthening the customer-agent relationship, the banking industry seems to attain the most advantages out of it. The question that remains is, "how"?

How does co-browsing aid smooth flow of transactions in banks/financial industry?

Banking customers expect more than just an excellent mix of financial products. Unless customers receive experienced guidance regarding the topnotch financial products they are receiving from their financial agents, they will not be able to properly access them or attain benefits from them. Evolution in technology has brought us to an era where digital banking is no longer unsafe and that is where the use of co-browsing comes into the picture. This application aids quick and easy transactions for those who do not have enough time for a physical visit to the bank.

The use of co-browsing leads to satisfactory interactions between financial institutions and their customers. According to, What Has the Global Banking Sector Discovered in Cobrowsing?, The sales and customer service personnel have found it highly beneficial to be able to view customer-screens in real-time, while helping them from a web-based platform. This makes it easier for the agent to lead the customers through a number of difficulties from filling complicated policy forms to completing bigger and more complex transactions.

Co-browsing has the potential to be the biggest beneficial factor for the banking sector

According to, Banks see real benefits from Co-browsing, consumers, many of whom are on the go, are looking for speed, efficiency and accuracy in their interactions with a bank. Co-browsing caters to each one of the requirements separately, thus boosting the performance of the bank and increasing its goodwill. With the growing popularity of the online and mobile platforms, consumer banking has turned digital and is likely to increase because of its endless benefits over the coming decades as well.

Benefits of using the co-browsing technology in financial institutions:
  • Creates trust: Customers need to feel secure and trust their agents completely, they will never put their foot forward for making complex transactions online. Co-browsing lets the agent personally look into the customer’s screen and guide them through difficult points during a transaction. Monetary transactions require enough trust to be involved in order to complete them successfully.
  • Customer satisfaction: It essentially caters to customer satisfaction since customers feel secure. They are answered immediately and their queries are solved as soon as they arise. Since the agent is constantly looking into the customer’s screen, he knows where they might face a problem. With the use of other applications like video chat and live text chat, the rep can directly speak to the agent while co-browsing.
  • Handling time is reduced: Banking transactions tend to consume plenty of time due to high importance of matters relating to monetary policies. Customers come up with a lot of queries and confusions and take up time in order to avoid any mishaps. The use of co-browsing technology guarantees an instant response from the agent which ultimately leads to happier customers and a significantly reduced handling time.
  • High conversions: When the customers of any particular firm or institution are satisfied with their services, they tend to transact a lot more than what they otherwise would. Co-browsing technology ensure satisfactory results, thus leading to improved sales and higher conversions.
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