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Benefits of Using PC Kiosk Software

Author: Geoffrey Bessin
by Geoffrey Bessin
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
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Kiosk software systems are the very programs and user interface applications designed to operate interactive PC, internet, or touch screen kiosks. One of their main roles is to lock down applications so that the internal workings and programming of the kiosk can be protected from users. Most kiosk applications feature remote monitoring, which helps kiosk owners manage multiple kiosks remotely, from another location. A typical kiosk software setup also features email and text alerts, sent automatically for daily reporting and monitoring of problems that are detected by the software. Some programs even have provisions for remote updates of kiosk content as well as the ability to incorporate data like kiosk usage statistics.

Kiosk software systems are also equipped with deep levels of security, thus deterring users and unauthorized individuals from going past the permissible interface. Security systems for kiosks are designed to prevent misuse of the intended and provided features of the public-access device. Security features also limit users to specific and predetermined activities so that the device can only be used for the specific tasks, whether it be for communication or any other action or function within the establishment. Kiosk software security is a critical feature of any kiosk system, especially when it comes to protecting public facing devices from inadvertent misuse, unauthorized access, and hacking activities.

Other advantages of using PC kiosk software for public-facing deployments include:

  • Ensuring that problematic specialty keys, combinations, and keystroke consequences are disabled so that the device can remain functional even when a user accidentally pushes such sequences.
  • Disabling standard browser menus in browser based internet kiosks so as to prevent too much configuration control in the hands of users Specialty kiosk software systems allow you to prevent users from accessing applications and URLs that are not applicable to the kiosk's intended function.
  • Building a touch screen virtual keyboard into the software along with other custom design options to help you create better user experiences.
  • Creating additional features and incorporating other external devices like credit card and bar code readers, retractable printing, proximity mats, etc.
  • Enabling advanced deployments that utilize features like content management, statistics, and others.

Special types of kiosk software such as those used to manage touch screen devices also offer additional abilities like multi-gesture control and other advanced features. These software solutions allow for the creation of interactive applications that users can manipulate and use, depending on the need.

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