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First 10 Tricks Beginners Should Learn On A Skateboard

Author: Mike Litt
by Mike Litt
Posted: Feb 02, 2016

Skateboard tricks may be easy for one and difficult for another. Even the basic skateboard trick could be difficult for someone and easy for another. There are certain skateboard tricks which each and every skateboarder least try and conquer.


Ollie is usually taken as the first basic skateboard trick, but its not true. Its a trap! The Ollie can be difficult to learn as a trick but its NOT the basic trick.

Kickturning is the trick when the skateboarder turns quickly and instead. In this, you lift your front trucks of the ground and pivot. Its an important skateboarding trick for beginners.

2.The Ollie

This is considered to be one of the basic skateboarding tricks to learn. But, dont think its easy; it can be extremely difficult for many skateboarders. If you are really good with skateboarding then you can learn it in few days and others may take a YEAR!

3.Rock N Roll

Its an interesting trick. In this, the skateboarder rides up a ramp, and at the top, rocks his front trucks over the coping. The way the skateboard rides out his trick determines his way of using the trick.

4.50-50 grinds

Its one of the basic tricks skateboarders learn & is a great skateboarder trick to learn. In this, the skater grinds the ledge or rail with both trucks. The best thing about this trick is that you can learn to do it on a curb, which is pretty safe and easy place to practice.


This is another skateboard trick that is considered to be easy and learnt by every skater learns.

In a boardslide, you skate along a next to something like a rail or curb, then Ollie up onto it. The board lands sideways, with the object in the middle of the road. In the end, you jump off the obstacle and ride away.


The manual is a great basic skateboard trick to learn. It looks more like a wheelie on a bike. The skater balances on the back wheel and continues rolling.

7.Dropping In & pumping

It is all about commitment and the way one wipe out. The skater needs to bend forward and lower the centre of gravity. Then lean forward, and connect your front wheels. This is how you are going to land it.

Leaning forward might seem a bit scary but have complete faith in this technique. Its of great use for skateboarding trick for beginners.

8.Pop Shuv- it

As said by all, this is one the easiest tricks of all. Simply, learn how to catch a pop shuv- it at the peak of your pop. With this, you will end up doing it perfectly.

9.Frontside Noseslide

Do you know how to nosestall? Here, I am talking about nosestalling curbs, stairs; benches, boxes, and whatever else you can that you can Ollie. Some beginners might learn how to nosestall with Olling, which is amazing.


This is one of the most wanted tricks of all. Just peak flick your ankle in the top corner of your board. Thats the best way to learn it.

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I'm Mike Litt. I love extreme sports and also love to write about extreme sports.

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