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A New Farm

Author: Rachal Logan
by Rachal Logan
Posted: Feb 09, 2016
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I need to get a small tractor for sale by owner for my little farm. I recently purchased a small farm with five acres of land. It has a barn for goats and a chicken house with fence. It also has a huge vegetable garden. I’m looking to build other gardens and I need a tractor to drag a plow and a mower deck. Since I just made a large purchase of this homestead, I can’t afford a brand new tractor. That is why I’m looking for a used one.

The tractor I’m looking for should be affordable. I’m not really interested in the brand but everyone knows the green ones, the yellow owns, and the red ones are the top three tractors. I decide to search online for a site that is all about tractors that are for sale by owner. The website I found has a great way to select the brand of tractor I want. I can also narrow down my search by price. There is no sense in looking at machines that I can’t afford to buy but would love to have.agriculture but I could have chosen other categories like forestry or mining if I wanted to. Satisfied with my search parameters, I begin scanning.

The search results are vast and I find it interesting to see all of the tractors that owners are selling. Dozens and dozens that are too big for my little farm. However, I do come across one that is the right size and the right price. Because I am interested, I click on it for more details. There are more pictures of the tractor. I see that it is green, has new tires and an enclosed cab. This is exactly the tractor that I need but I want to know more information about it. I fill out the contact form to let the owner know that I am interested in getting small tractors for sale by owner. I also ask my questions, give my contact information, and then click send. While I wait for a response I go back to the search results and look for other tractors that peak my interest.

The process of looking for tractors has been a very easy one. It has also been fun to see the machines that people have used and loved over the years. I am happy to have found the website that made it easy to find the exact machine that I needed for my small farm. The owner contacted me back within 24 hours and I made an appointment to go and try the tractor out. It was perfect, we negotiated a reasonable price and now I am the proud owner of a small tractor.

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