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Besa Mafia Truth: How to order a murder on Deep Web and get away with it

Author: Mark Daverson
by Mark Daverson
Posted: Mar 29, 2017
besa mafia

The purpose of this article is to bring Light on some illegal activities of Besa Mafia on Deep Web to draw attention of law enforcement with the purpose of having their website seised.

We condemn Besa Mafia and their illegal activities; they are real gang members operating on Internet to get more customers

Deep Web is a part of the Internet that is not accessible easily to the general public; it contains sites that are hidden from the regular user.

Besa Mafia enables customers to order murder:

1. Step 1, getting money converted to Bitcoin, an electronic currency that is hard to trace and protects customer identity. A person who is ordering murder cannot pay with his credit card, check or bank transfer for it, or would disclose his identity to the hitman.

If the hitman would get caught, he could disclose the identity of the person who hired him, so the best is that the hitman doesn't know.

To get Bitcoin, one can use a service like or

A person can sign up for a private Bitcoin Wallel on a site like above and get bitcoin into it by paying with cash in an ATM location, or credit card or bank transfer. Is not a problem to pay with credit card or bank transfer for Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Exchange site; the person is exposing his identity to the exchange site and not to the Hitman himself.

There are many legal reasons for why people buy Bitcoins, so buying bitcoin itself should not raise any questions.

Step 2. Hiding the IP address and accessing hidden sites on Deep Web. This can be done using the Tor Browser, a web browser that hides the IP of the visitor, and the IP of the website visited, by some complex proxy network; the visitor location can't be tracked by website, and the website location and hosting can't be tracked by visitor.

There are sites like Besa Mafia that are a marketplace for customers and hitmen; hitmen register for accounts to provide services and are approved after testing, while customers signup for account to order services. Each customer has his own private Bitcoin Wallet on Besa Mafia, and each hitman has his own Private Wallet on Besa Mafia.

A customer can submit an order for murder without providing any details about who himself is. Only target information is given, like name, address and picture.

The customer does not pay the hitman directly, to avoid any risks of being scammed. Instead, the customer add the Bitcoin into his private Wallet on Besa Mafia website, this way fighting besa mafia can see that the customer have the funds ready, and approve their order.

After approval, a hitman from the area gets assigned for the job, and a date is scheduled with the customer, so that the customer can be out of city at that date, to avoid any possibilities of being suspect

The hitman does the job, and then the Bitcoin are transferred from the customer private Wallet to the hitman private wallet, throuh a complex scheme of bitcoin laundering, to mix the bitcoin and lose any trace.

The hitman can now move the bitcoin to a wallet to coinbase or other website where he can exchange bitcoin for cash.

This way, the customer does not know the identity of the hitman, and the hitman doesn't know the identity of the customer.

They never meet into the real life so they don't risk to be caught by an undercover cop.

Undercover cops can't signup as hitmen because they could not pass the test order to be approved, and undercover cops could not signup as customers because if they submit details for a target, the hitman might see hidden cops watching the target, or if the hidden cops would be so well hidden the hitmen could kill the target even if it would be under surveillance or protected by hidden cops, getting the police into a lot of trouble for failed case

Besa Mafia acts as an escrow, with Multi Sig feature to ensure that the funds cannot be accessed without the password from the user. This way no one can steal the funds, not even Besa Mafia website admin.

Besa Mafia website cyber team cashes in 20% of each order, 80% goes to the hitman and 20% to Besa Mafia.

As there are over 32 000 homicides per year in the USA, and over half of them are made by hitman, even if a low percent is conducted through Besa Mafia, the website admin still makes a lot of money.

A killing starts from $5000 and can go up depending on the difficulty of the hit.

Most hitmen are gang members who are in drug dealing business, own unregistered guns, and do murder from time to time to earn an extra buck.

To do an order, they just need to get some stolen car, drive to the address of target, shoot him close range to make sure he doesn't miss, and then run away and drive away.

No traces left, and no connection to the victim, makes it very difficult for police to find the murderer, because most of the time police searches for a murder in the circle of known people of the victim, to see who could have had a motive and who could have been at the scene of murder at the time.

Because customers never give their real name, address, or credit card, and IP is hidden, they can't be caught even if the Besa Mafia website would be hacked, no one would know who ordered the murders.

And because the hitmen never give their real name, address nor other information to be identified, and their IP is hidden by Tor Browser as well, they can't be caught either.

Bitcoin is a method of payment that makes things even harder to trace, no credit cards, no bank accounts, no wire transfer, no nothing.

And the Bitcoin Multi Sig feature, that enables to protect an escrow by now allowing the Besa Mafia to access the funds without the customer authorization, make it safe for customers to avoid any posibility of being ripped of.

If the murder doesn’t happen for any reason, they can send out their Bitcoins from their wallet on Besa Mafia, back to coinbase or some exchanger where they can convert it to cash

And Besa Mafia doesn't do just murdering, but they also beat up, set properties on fire, or do killing that are made to look like car accidents, when they deliberately steal a car and drive with it into a victim vehicle to kill and make it look like accident

Besa Mafia is a website made by Albanian Mafia by they are used by other gang members as well, because they do not check the identity of the hitman who make accounts, basically anyone who is willing to do murder can join

Because of the test they get, only people who are serious about it can be approved

This is very concerning to normal people, because any child with access to Bitcoin can order a murder, have it done by a professional, and get away with it.

The crazy world with the today’s technology makes it all happen, with anonymity for customers and hitmen, using a payment method through escrow that keeps all parties safe.

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About the Author

This article shows how cruel and inhuman the service of Besa Mafia is, on their Deep Web site.Besa Mafia is real mafia with real hit men, killers and assassins for hire.

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