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Besa Mafia: contract killers for hire on Deep Web

Author: Mark Daverson
by Mark Daverson
Posted: Mar 29, 2017
besa mafia

With the days of Internet more and more criminals have expanded online.

From drug dealers, child abuse pedophiles, gun trade to hitmen, they all use Deep Web, a part of the Internet that is hidden to normal people and from authorities.

Each domain name has a whois, where one can see the information of the registrant, and an IP where the site is hosted.

When sites host illegal content, authorities contact the hosting using the whois and the ip and get the site closed down.

On deep web, sites do not have an whois nor an IP any more. The domain names have a special onion address, and require a special web browser named Tor that hides the IP of the customer and gets the website by calculating some complex encryption schemes.

Police and FBI must do expensive investigations to find out where the illegal sites on Deep Web are hosted and to close them down.

And in some cases they do not succeed right away, they must invest a lot of resources into hacking the site and takes many months or even years.

This was the case of Silk Road, an illegal marketplace where people sold drugs, guns and other illegal goods.

After Silk Road was busted by the FBI, many other sites emerged, such as Besa Mafia.

Besa Mafia is the Albanian Mafia operating a website on Dark Web at http://jszmrn6qam3gaujv.onion.

This website can be viewed only with the special Tor Browser, an Open Source modification of the Firefox Browser that hides the IP of the customer through several proxies to keep him anonymous while visiting sites.

As an alternative for visitors who want to use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, the Besa Mafia site is available on a Deep Web to Clear Net proxy:

The purpose of our article is to shed some light on their illegal activities and attract attention from Police and FBI over the Besa Mafia with the intent to close them down.

Besa Mafia focuses on body harm and property damage. On one end gang members and criminals signup to provide services such as beating up, killing, setting fire to cars and houses, and on the other end the customers signup to place Orders.

Customers do not provide their real name, nor address, nor credit card. Their IP is hidden, so there is nothing they give away about themselves, they are anonymous and can not be tracked down.

As to keep their anonymity when doing payment, the transactions are not done with credit card, nor bank account, the transactions are done with Bitcoin, an online currency that allows them to remain anonymous

Because Bitcoin transactions are not refundable, customers do not pay the hitmen directly, because these might be tempted to run away with the money before providing their services. Instead, the hitmen gather together on a site like Besa Mafia, and the customers pay their money through escrow.

Besa Mafia has internal escrow, but for customers who are paranoid they also accept trusted external escrows.

This means that the customers can not be ripped off, because the funds are stored into their escrow bitcoin wallet, and when job is completed, the funds is releasedThis is why more hitmen for hire choose to give their services on Deep Web and sites like Besa Mafia, because they are fully protected.

There are several benefits on hiring a hitman in Deep Web, over hiring a Hitman in real life:

  1. If you hire a hitman in the real world, you would need to go check the gang members locally to get recommendation about some bad ass criminals who are available to do murder for hire. You need to have some gang connections and you are exposed to risks. If you don't have proper friends there criminals will refuse you because they might be afraid you are some undercover cop. On Besa Mafia we already have connections to hundred of gang members from USA, Canada and Europe and we all keep in touch with each other on regular basis. You can post your job and our gang criminals will do it for you. We are not afraid of you being an undercover cop, because we don't meet you in real life and you do not get the identity of our members. We simply go check the location, make sure it is not watched by any cops and shoot the target.
  2. A hitman in real life can run with the 50% cash advance payment they usually ask. On Besa Mafia you pay with Bitcoin when the job is completed, and you are storing the funds in a secure middle Wallet Escrow until the hit is done. This way the hitmen can see you have the funds available, but they can not touch the money until they do the job. If they fail you either get an other hitman assigned on the job or you get the money back.
  3. Hiring a Hitman on Deep Web is safer because the hitman doesn't see your face and does not know who you are. He doesn't know your name, nor your address, nor your credit card, and your IP is hidden. If the hitman gets caught, he can not tell the police who hired him because he doesn't know it. Police usually ask criminals to tell them who hired them for an easier jail time, if they see that the criminal did not knew the victim personally. A hitman in real life can easily tell the cops who hired him, to get a shorter punishment.
  4. In real life you can be arrested if you run into an undercover cop pretending to be a hitman. There are many cases of people being arrested, just search youtube for hitmen. On our site you can not be arrested because you do not provide any details about you, and we don't have any undercover cops. Even if our service would be hacked by FBI they could not find any information about our customers.

This is why the Besa Mafia site is dangerous and should be shot down. They are involved in murder for hire, beating and other crimes.

They usually get 20% of all transactions and they are open for new gang members to signup. Gang members take a test order and then real orders from customers

We do hope that Police will close their site soon as they did with Silk Road. Sites like Besa Mafia should not be online and they pose a danger to the humanity

Some undercover lazy cops post comments that the Besa Mafia is a scam, in order to discourage people from using them. We believe that is it's better to say the truth that they are not a scam and close down their site, than to say they are a scam and to leave them be.

The purpose of this article is to Figh Besa Mafia

About the Author

This article shows how cruel and inhuman the service of Besa Mafia is, on their Deep Web site.Besa Mafia is real mafia with real hit men, killers and assassins for hire.

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