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Cardio Workout To Burn More Calories: HIIT combined with stead-state

Author: Dana Ruggiero
by Dana Ruggiero
Posted: Feb 29, 2016

With so many options out there, what is the best cardio workout to burn more calories? In order to get an answer to that question, let’s first cardio itself is still a great way to burn fat.

If you are one of the people who believe cardio is dead when it comes to fat loss, I have news for you. Cardio isn't dead, it's just misunderstood. And today I want to talk about how to structure your cardio workout for maximum effectiveness.

Cardio isn't something you can just throw around. If you want to achieve maximum results, you need to approach cardio strategically. Sure you could just do 1-hour jogging sessions on the treadmill 7x per week. But that's simply not optimal.

7 hours of cardio per week is a lot, especially for the beginner. So how do you get an optimal cardio workout in while reducing the amount of time spent?

By combining HIIT (high intensity interval training) with traditional stead-state cardio. HIIT is basically alternating between all-out sprints and periods of rest. While steady-state cardio is your typical "jog on the treadmill" cardio. Done separately, these 2 types of cardio can provide pretty decent results but when done together.

But let's take a look at why HIIT combined with stead-state cardio is so effective:

By itself steady-state-cardio burns more calories per minute during the actual workout but less after the workout. By itself HIIT burns less calories per minute during the actual workout but more after the workout.

So you see - if you combine both HIIT with stead-state cardio, you're getting the best of both worlds.

Steady-state cardio burns more calories during the actual workout while HIIT burns more calories post-workout.

Workout Structure

To start off I would do 15 min of HIIT followed by 30 minutes of steady state cardio.

I recommend starting out HIIT on a treadmill. But for the steady-state cardio you can switch over to the elliptical or exercise bike.

If you structure your workouts in this manner, I guarantee you'll see results faster than ever. And luckily for those of you who are super serious about dropping fat and getting lean as hell, there's a complete cardio program dedicated to this cause.

The program's called Visual Impact Cardio, developed by my friend Rusty Moore who has a super popular blog dedicated to helping people look like "hot" Hollywood celebs. This workout is a total game-changer, especially to those who are against cardio.

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Well, for now all I can say I love writing articles on my ideas on many different subject matters. But especially weight training and muscle building.

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Author: Dana Ruggiero

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