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A Sisal Carpet –it’s the Right Choice, Always!

Author: Carpet Express
by Carpet Express
Posted: Feb 22, 2016

Modern day flooring solutions encourage the use of natural fibers for an environment friendly and healthy lifestyle. Sisal carpets, rugs, and similar wall to wall installations not only add an earthly look to your home or workplace but also make living ecologically better. They succeed in providing natural warmth to all kinds of floors during cold seasons and release excess moisture while facing hot and humid days. Derived from plants, organically produced sisal carpets and rugs are skin friendly, and easy-to use and maintain.

What is a Sisal Carpet?

Sisal carpets are made up of natural fibers obtained from the leaves of Sisal plant (scientific name- Agave Sisalana). Sisal grows best in hot and dry areas of southern Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania and Asia. Sisal hemp, a popular source of this fiber, is widely cultivated in Florida and the Caribbean Islands too. This stiff fiber is extracted from the leaves of Sisal plant by a process known as decortication. The quality of fiber depends upon its moisture content; here, artificial drying processes are applied for producing superior quality fibers.

Sisal is natural and biodegradable; it requires no artificial fertilizers for its production. Overall, this fiber is warm, soft yet strong, and durable in nature. Because of these features and many other characteristics, it makes for a unique material for the manufacture of rugs and carpets.

Attributes of Sisal Carpet

Owing to the environment friendly textile that it is made of, a Sisal carpet serves to be a preferred floor décor over other synthetic fibre carpets. There are plenty of natural fibre rugs and carpets available in the market like jute, sea grass, coconut coir, hemp etc. Sisal is often preferred over these varieties as well, all across the globe.

The Prospects of Using Discount Sisal Carpet:

  • Sisal is naturally stain-proof

  • It has flame retardant properties

  • Does not need chemical treatments for maintenance

  • Extremely resilient and beautiful

  • It is versatile in texture and can be tightly woven with other fibres

  • Due to its high durability, it is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas

  • It has the unique capability to absorb excess moisture in the air and release it during drier days

  • It is affordable!

The Constraint:

  • Sisal fibre has a tendency to become soggy and slippery with excessive water retention.

Maintenance of Sisal Carpet and Rugs

Sisal rugs and carpets are ideal to be placed on high traffic floors. They provide protection to the floors of residential and commercial spaces by regulating the humidity levels of the surrounding areas. Minimal efforts are required for keeping a Sisal carpet clean. All it needs is regular vacuuming to dodge the dirt to surface. Such carpets should be kept away from excessive humidity to evade growth of mold or mildew. It is a good idea to invest in mold removing solutions that are easily available in the market for treating such problems.

Here, steam cleaning should be avoided to ensure a long life for these carpets made of Sisal; this is especially true because of their moisture retaining properties. Remember, the spots caused by solid substances are best scraped with a spoon, while spills need to be blotted by using absorbent towels. Rubbing is a complete no-no for retaining the texture of these rugs and carpets.

Varieties of Sisal Weaves

There is a wide variety of Sisal weaves available in online and offline stores. Pure natural Sisal carpet is extracted from the raw plant and is not bound with any synthetic fibre. Synthetic Sisal rugs and carpets rugs are made up of synthetic fibres to imitate the look and finish of pure Sisal. It goes without saying that the synthetic fibres are easier to maintain and more durable than the all-natural ones. The durability of Sisal carpets and rugs is further enhanced by the backing and binding offered by their manufacturers.

Why should you Buy Sisal Rugs Online?

There are a host of online stores, wholesalers, and local retail stores to buy Sisal Carpets from. Buyers may like to visit the website of such online stores and select the texture, style, pattern and colors of carpets to match their desire; and order to get them delivered at their doorstep. Also, the process of online shopping for Sisal rugs and carpets becomes interesting because of the discounts on display in many online stores, all through the year.

How to Order the Sisal Carpet you Need?

There are a few tips to choose the right yard of Sisal Carpet that you may find useful:

  • Choose the yardage of sisal carpet as per the location of installation. For example, indoor and outdoor carpets are different with respect to their texture, traffic endurance, and maintenance.

  • Take the exact measurement - either by yourself or with the help of a local installer - to order for the right yard/quantity.

  • Select the fibre that best suits your need from a wholesale Sisal rugs outlet.

  • Pick the colour that matches the tone of your installation area.

Sisal carpets are available with and without backing and binding. A detailed installation manual is usually provided by the stores. You can either install these carpets yourself by following the guidelines or appoint a local professional for the purpose. The general recommendation for installation of sisal carpet is the application of adhesive and direct glue down to the surface area.

Go ahead and invest in carpets made of Sisal, you will be glad you did.

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