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by Ramk Kumar
Posted: Feb 27, 2016

These types of quick, one-time-only exercises that can train us about ourselves and what we should want and how we can tell our story.

1. Your own 3 sentences to how to share my story

Things to write: Try to summarize your life in 2 or 3 sentences. Take your time. Think about your past. "But mostly think about who you're today and how you have become the person you are," states Roberta Temes, PhD, psychologist and author of How you can write a Memoir in thirty days.

"Maybe you want to pay attention to a certain relationship, perhaps a certain theme... or perhaps a feeling that has persisted for a long time."

Consider these good examples before putting pen on paper:

Loving mom who worked constantly, no dad. Never truly got over lonely years as a child.

Love my life, love my dog, love my personal kids. No room for any guy.

Finally sober. Tiring journey. Many regrets.

Stunning, close family. And then your accident.

Fears and tears finally overcome, thanks for your husband. Still not sure if you really deserve him.

How to write my story help: First of all, if you need to write a memoir, this three-sentence description may form the structure of the book. In effect, it is a super short story of your own life: a beginning, a middle and also the now moment, if you want to present it. Even if you have zero impulse to create a book, the exercise can help you to actually see yourself, your past and your present, all those things that can influence your future. Unless of course you alter the narration and that’s a privilege offered to any writer.

2. Your Crucial Incident

Things to write: Choose one or even more of the sentences below and write a webpage or two that begin with it. Don't worry about bringing up information that you're afraid it might be as painful to explore/remember, states, themes. "Please don't make use of grammar or spelling or even punctuation issues.". Just write using your own words, what comes into your mind and remember about Feeling good about your inner story. "

Phrase 1: I was only a kid, but...

Sentence 2: I tried so hard and...

Sentence 3: For this particular reason since that moment everything changed.

Phrase 4: I was shocked to discover that...

Sentence 5: It had been the best day of my entire life. I just couldn't stop grinning when...

Why it assists: Sometimes we avoid probably the most obvious—and complicated—events that happen to us, events that inform us about our current story. Let's say your three-sentence physical exercise was loving your mom who worked constantly, not your dad. Never truly got over those lonely years when I was a child. Maybe you could say "I was just a youngster but... " or "I tried my best but... "Was there another thing that prevented you from recovering from your lonely childhood? Maybe it happened when you were a child or later? Maybe it happened involving parents? You don’t necessarily have to know the answers to these questions. Let the pre-written answers show you. "Don't think and create," says Temes. "Just create."

3. Your Solution for What Question

What to create: Take a minute to consider the previous two workouts. Then, please finish this particular sentence: I'd like to actually understand everything that brought me to _______________.

Here are a several examples (it’s okay to include an additional sentence or even two):

I'd like to understand all reasons that determined me to marry Blake. He was the wrong person and I don't want to make another mistake.

Let me understand everything that led me to choose architecture as my profession. Does it have any relation with the way we lived after I become a grown up?

Let me understand everything that led me to being such a good mother, considering I had absolutely no role model.

I'd like to understand what led me to not being friends with my step-mother. Now that she's gone I realize what a good person she had been and how hard she tried to create a relationship with me.

Why it will help: there's no need to complete the examination as well as investigating now. Instead, just focus on identifying what about you might inspire you to write someday: in a memoir or within the pages of a journal or just in your own thoughts.

What truth is important to get from here? You have the structure, you've got a crucial event (that might have caused or contributed to that particular life story) and now you've got a purpose—a reason for writing that enables you to learn, enjoy and even be surprised through the story you've been waiting to write for yourself and perhaps for the world.

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