3 situations where you need sash window repairs London

Author: Sia Benet
by Sia Benet
Posted: Mar 09, 2016

When you look at some of the Georgian and Edwardian houses in London, the chances are that most of them would have those framed windows. You may or may not know that these windows are known as sash windows and these were the windows of choice in the Georgian and Edwardian periods. In fact, these windows continued to be popular even later and even now. There are many modern homes that have these windows installed and they become classically attractive to look at. If your home has these windows it is likely that you will need sash window repairs London from time to time. The good news is that there are tradesmen who deal in the repairs of these windows.

Like windows of every other type, sash windows also go through normal wear and tear and require sash window repairs London. One of the most common issues that you may face is with the putty. Putty is used to keep the glazing in place and it does crack ultimately. As a result, water may seep through the windows. But this is no issue at all because the putty can be easily replaced by a professional. In fact, if the putty is not in absolute dismal condition, you can change the putty on your own.

Like the putty, the material of the frame also deteriorates with time. This is especially the case when wood or timber is used to make the frames. The natural elements can make the timber crack or rot and the effectiveness of your windows will be compromised in such a case. But sash window repairs London related to the frames are not as easy as replacing the putty and it is recommended that you use expert assistance here. It is important to mention here that most of the modern sash window frames are made of UPVC. UPVC is a much more durable material than wood and it lasts much longer and may not need repairs for years to come.

The third and final issue with sash windows relates to the cord. The cord can break because of continuous use and it also deteriorates over time. When the cords are not in proper condition, the weights fall to the bottom of the window frame and you will find it difficult to open and close the windows. Again, the solution is simple – call for an expert and they will do the sash window repairs London for you.

Think and you will easily see that none of the three issues mentioned above are out of the ordinary. Irrespective of the type of windows that you have, similar issues can occur with all of them. However, for sash window repairs, you cannot depend on any and every one. Let an expert handle the matter for you.

It is better to have an expert handle sash window repairs London because you don’t want to tinker with them. If anything goes wrong, you may have a high price to pay. Why take this unwanted risk?Don’t take any chance when it comes to sash window repairs London ( http://sashwindows.london ). Only hire the best specialists for sash window repairs London ( http://sashwindows.london/sash-window-repairs-London ) so that the job is done just right.

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