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How to use text message marketing to generate word of mouth

Author: Natasha Williams
by Natasha Williams
Posted: Mar 18, 2016
word mouth

Every marketing campaign has a sore period of stagnation and lull where growth looks unreal and your regular customers are the only faces you get to see. No matter many how many different strategies you try or creative promotions you conduct, you just can’t turn over the strategy you are used to. When this occurs, it might be helpful to take a break from your traditional marketing and use text message marketing to empower your consumers do the marketing for you.

Word of mouth marketing is a great resource for any brand. It is effective, requires lesser efforts and is free. The issue is word of mouth marketing is not reliable, this means you can’t rely on consumers to talk about your brand. If they do- nice. If not, well you can’t force them to. Still, there are some great Bulk SMS marketing techniques that can significantly improve your chances of word of mouth working in your favor.

  • Bring your friend" promotions

Encourage your regular customers to bring in the next wave of clients by holding a promotion or sale that rewards people for bringing in new clients.

In 2011, a reputed home furnishing company made news for running a very huge "bring your own friend" promotion. Using email lists, their own website and social media platforms, they were able to organize a great campaign that generated a lot of talk and brought many new clients through their doors.

You don’t need to put in so many efforts for your own promotion. A simple promo code to give your Transactinal Bulk SMS subscribers and the encouragement to share it with their family and friends will be sufficient to achieve the results.

  • A new call to action

The easiest solution is generally the best. Often the key to successful word of mouth advertising via text messaging is remembering to ask your clients to spread the word. It is simple to forward SMS these days. So, as long as your SMS has wider reach beyond your SMS subscribers there is no problem in asking them to forward your message to family and friends from time to time. There is no harm in asking and often it helps too.

  • Create a testimonial based commercial

People are more expected to listen to shopping recommendation from other shoppers than from the brands that are interested in the business. So, it may be helpful to organize an advertising campaign based on the testimonial of your clients. Run a lottery or contest among your opt-in SMS subscribers to have their views broadcast to a YouTube, radio or TV audience. This simple strategy to advertise could be the change you needed to create new business.

The best thing about this approach is that people love telling their friends about appearing on radio or TV. So, even before the ad goes live, it is likely you will have generated word of mouth from your participators.

Remember, you have worked hard to get your text message marketing campaign to where it is now. It is time to let your clients take you to the new heights. Never underrate the power of chatter.

About the Author

I am Natasha Williams from India, working with Indore based Bulk Sms Service Provider company as a Content Writer.

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  • afteria5acf3f782  -  2 years ago

    Hi Natasha, Very nice article. I am also using a Bulk SMS service will surely implement your advice.

  • ananyavadapally  -  3 years ago

    Hey Natasha very informative article I like the way you think, Will try implementing these suggestions in my business. I am presently using SMS platform which has really helped me in scaling up my business they have great features one of their best feature is SMS attachments. In SMS attachments you can send images, brochures, menus, word documents, PDF files and many more. I would suggest you check them out.

Author: Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams


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