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How to Repair Damaged Word File - Recover Corrupt DOC/DOCX Documents

Author: Christ Harold
by Christ Harold
Posted: Nov 29, 2017

Sometimes, losing some sort of information in the Word File may be frustrating. Although, MS Word has a built-in repair facility that can be employed in recovering corrupt Word.doc or retrieving lost information. The below-listed segment will guide how to repair damaged Word file so that can be employed in recovering the information and in case the Word’s inbuilt wizard does not work, then you can opt for a professional wizard i.e., Word Recovery Software.

How to Recover Corrupted Word File with Different Methodologies

Method#1: How to Repair Damaged Word File by Taking Backup of the Document:

In case, you file gets corrupted, then if you possess a replica of the file, it means that still there are some chances of restoring corrupt Word.doc. The backup files can be stored on any flash drive or a removable document. If you have saved your document previously, and you need to get it back and it can be backed or open it on the same or another system. If you have made any changes and that are deleted, they can be repaired.

Method#2: Try to Open Word Document on the Same Computer:

In case the document is not corrupted, if you are facing troubles opening Word documents on the same device, your edition of Word is at fault, not document

Method#3: Look for Other Replicas of Document to Repair Damaged Word File:

In case the users have a replica of the document on the other system or sent it with email, it even has a very good replica of a document to work.

Preview the date/time stamp for a file if you have another system. If it’s same as a corrupt file but it opens, you have a problem with the Operating System on a system with a corrupted file or with the hard drive.

In case you have mailed the document recently, check sent items folder of the mailing program for Mails that are attached to document. The users can download it in a different folder on the device in which you have found the corrupt Word file to preview if Word will open so by this you can recover corrupted Word file.

Through the above troubleshooting ways, a user can easily know how to repair damaged Word file without losing any data. Also, it can help the users to fix/ repair corrupt Word.doc files. If those didn’t work then the user can go for some other manual procedure described below which will help the users to repair corrupt Word document.

Method#4: How to Repair Damaged Word File by Running CHKDSK Wizard:

The users can even opt for CHKDSK to check the corrupted at the file system level. If there is no, the problem is indeed with the document. In case the CHKDSK’s file system repair happens, fix corrupt Word.doc file.

Method#5: Know to Repair Damaged Word File by Saving Document in Different File Format:

If the users want to they can open the document with the version of Word, storing it in a format like.rtf(rich-text format) or.txt(ASCII text format) may come out whatever codes corrupted the file in.doc or.docx form to check whether the problem has returned.

  • TXT format does not support text-formatting features i.e., bold, italics, and underline. If the document features extensive formatting, store it in.rtf format for preserving the formatted before saving it again in.doc or.docx format.
  • Make sure that some Word documents may be corrupted in such manner that file is saved in a different file format in Word and it can’t be opened.

Method#6: Repair Damaged Word File by Extracting Text with Other Word Processor or Text Editor:

In case you don’t open a document in Word, you can open it with some different Word processing application or with a text editor that easily reads.doc or.docx format. Either these applications may let you help in restoring corrupted Word documents.

Method#7: Use Word’s In-Built Converter Wizard to Repair Damaged Word File:

For instance, the Word Document is saved in older.doc format; you may be able to restore Word Recover Text from any file converter. Accessing any software completely depends on the Word version’s using.

In Microsoft Word 2003: Choose Open from File Menu

In Word 2007: Choose MS Office button in upper left and select open from the File Menu

In MS Word 2010: Click File tab and choose open from File Menu

From the open dialog box in the Word edition and select Recover Text from Any file from the dropdown list and choose the file you need to convert. All the text files are recovered but any formatting or graphics is lost.

After using the tool, reset Files of type dropdown list to one of Word Document format to prevent Word from recovering text software.

Make use of the Word’s Open & Repair Feature: This option repair damaged Word file on opening as matter of course. For using this feature, follow these steps:

      • Choose Open Option for your edition of Word
      • Select File you need to open and repair in Open dialog
      • Click down arrow beside Open button and choose open and repair from Menu

Method#8: How to Recover Corrupted Word File Using Shadow Copy of the Document:

The Windows Vista & Windows 7 have the capability to make a replica of some documents. You need to check whether shadow copy of Word document has existed by tapping the right click button and choosing Properties from the pop-up menu. On properties dialog box, choose the previous edition & select one of the available editions.

The previous editions of the tab appear only if the hard drive is NTFS formatted. Before the users need to make use of the shadow copy feature, you must configure it first.

Method#9: Remake File Header by Taking Parts from Other Word Document File Headers to Repair Damaged Word File


The users need to open few uncorrupted Word docs via file editor program and then identify header components. By comparing them with file header of the corrupt file, you may be able to identify the corruption in its file header. You can replace corrupt header components with the good ones from another Word document to fix the file.

Note: The above-discussed methods are the free solution but those cannot guarantee the resolution of the file as desired by the users. Therefore, in that case, it is better to opt an automated solution so that user could recover corrupted Word.doc files.

How to Repair Damaged Word File Using a Snap-Shot Solution

In some instances, you feel like repairing the corrupt Word.doc by using a Professional application like Word Recovery. The tool facilitates users with multiple options that can be beneficial for the users. In addition to it, the wizard can easily recuperate the.doc Files by employing three methodologies i.e., Quick, Image, and Slavery. The program even has many more things to explore like MS Office is not required. So, download and the wizard and easily recover corrupted Word.doc Files.

The Final Note

The above-listed methods can be employed for restoring corrupt Word Files and also the article will help to learn how to repair damaged Word file. The content solely declares that it carries the best possible knowledge in all aspects be it manual or the automated one. So, users should remain connected and download the tool to overcome all the issues of corrupt Word.doc.

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