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What are the differences between a table saw and band saw?

Author: Jonson Richard
by Jonson Richard
Posted: Mar 21, 2016
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In material making process, working with powerful tools is addicting, when you get acquainted with a cutting tool, you will have a demand for more powerful ones to afford your jobs as well as your passion. A very typical example for this is when you get used to utilizing a circular saw or hand - held jigsaw; your basic demands are satisfied but with more complicating projects, when the curved lines need to be more accurate but your current devices cannot afford, you will automatically get the demand of other types of saws like band saw and table saw. However, not all of us have the ability to afford both these machine at the same time but have to pick one first. So, which one will you choose?

Clearly, this is not an easy decision for those who are in small workshops as each type has its own benefits and strength. Yet, if you are the professional, it is much easier as your choice is to connect tightly with your products. For those who are a newbie in this field, the tendency is picking up the one they like as they do not fully understand the differences between a table saw and band saw.

1. The drag strip

Like when you distinguish an NHRA and a NASCAR racing, the very first difference between a table saw and band saw is the drag strip. While a table saw can work very well in cutting the straight lines quickly, the band saw expresses its strength in making both curved and straight lines very impressively. On the other side, a band saw allows you to adjust and turn, around and through and a table saw is just moving straight ahead when it reaches a suitable speed.

If your jobs just require freehand and curve, the same advice with many bandsaw reviews, a band saw will be your best partner. On the contrary, when there is no need to carry out curvy work or freehand but just cross – cuts / rip cuts or angles / bevels, your best choice will be a table saw.

2. The noise

In working, noise is really a nuisance. Each individual will have their ability to suffer a determined noise level. However, noise is not an independent element to make a decision on which one you will choose and both of them are noisy. However, in comparison, even though a band saw is noisy, a table saw is much noisier.

3. The power and danger

Talking about the power, even though these two machines are both strong, the differences lie in the acceleration and grip. They provide the accuracy, but on the other hand, there is a rule of thumb: the more accurate, the more dangerous.

About the table saw: Its wide and strong blade grips the material rotating right in front of you while it is operating, making it contain more dangers than a band saw which has a smaller blade and just moves up and downsides because if for some reasons, the materials joint leading to an obvious consequence of it will be shot right back at you. Due to some reports of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the past few years that there are appropriate seventy percent of damages involving to station saws are from the table saws and nearly seven percent from the band saws.

No matter which machine you are going to use, you should consider equipping fully protective gear, especially the eye glasses and make sure you will use all the safety accessories.

In final words:If you are just a newbie in wood making and only want to make some simple projects such as tables, chairs, drawers, so forth and so on, you can think about picking the best table saw. If you are the professional with the passion on many complicated wood jobs with the high requirements on curving or decorating wood veneer, it is no doubt that you should own the best band saw

  • a wonderful cutting machine – which can help your dream come true. To pick up the suitable saw for your projects, it is essential to identify your love as well as your expectation on your desired products.
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