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Commonly Used Fabrication Methods

Author: Richard Finch
by Richard Finch
Posted: Apr 13, 2016

Metal fabrication is a work of art. Fabrication is a process under which metal is formed and deformed into various different substances for different uses. With the help of fabrication method metal is formed into desirable shape and size for users like elevation, molds, knobs, handles and other parts of machineries. There are thousands of usages of fabricated metals for various industries. Metal fabrication can be done manually as well as with help of machines. Metal fabrication St Louis has been practicing in fabrication work for years and they are famous for their precise works. Following a few of the very famous metal fabrication methods generally used.


In this method metal is almost punched but not pierced. This is useful in making die that is required for formation in many industries. Under this method mold are made for industries where products are required to be made with molds and die.


Under this process a piece of metal is removed from other materials. It may take various different ways to remove this metal. The material is rotated and framed in many different ways to get the metal out. Drills and Cutters fall in this category of fabrication. It is used for a various number of subsidiary tasks.


In this method two metals are joined or a piece of metal is joined to another by melting metal. It includes soldiering, and joining pipes. Stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, etc. fall under this category of fabrication. While carrying out stainless steel welding a few different basic rules are to be kept under check before proceeding with it. Welding is an important function of fabrication it is used in repairing machines and folds. Many times metals break and become useless, but with help of welding it can be mended again to use. Only skilled people can do good welding. Non-skilled people may worsen the welds by improper joining and messing whole product.

These were few important and regularly used techniques of fabrication. They are used in various areas depending on the requirement of work. Metal fabrication St Louis practices all the methods of fabrication. They also give on-site and off-site services. It is necessary to hire only skilled fabricators for the purpose of fabrication because non-skilled people tend to spoil the work and resources. Metal fabrication is also practiced by iron workers and blacksmiths on various levels. Metal fabrication is an important part of manufacturing industries processes. They require fabrication work in one or the other form every now and then. Metal fabrication is done manually as well as with help of CNC machines through which fabrication work is done with the help of machines. Here people are only required to give direction and set action function in machines. And all the other things would be easily accomplished by a machine. This is a new technology that is on the rise. It gives very precise results and is required to be availed when even 0.1% of variation in size would make a huge difference. This kind of precision cannot be availed with manual fabrication.

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